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Flying a Piper Warrior PA28

Flying a Piper Warrior PA28

For my last birthday Kate surprised me with what can only be described as the most amazing, right out there kind of present.. to fly a plane! So now the weather has started to slowly improve in good old Blighty, it’s time I made the call and to book my flight experience! – A little nervous but so excited, I can’t wait!

I have chosen to fly in Brighton where we can make it a lovely trip away, get ourselves exploring and making the most of Brighton’s famous night life. The flight itself was an introductory lesson where I would be taught the basics of how to fly in a briefing room before I take to the skies – eek! As Kate got me this amazing thrill seeking gift, I felt a little saddened by the fact I’d be having the time of my life whilst she’s got her feet firmly on the ground below. I knew no matter how I described the experience it would never be the same as actually doing it for yourself…

So, what did I manage to do? Take Kate with me! The helpful guys at Perry Air who I’ll be flying with have let me upgrade the flight experience to a larger airplane (Piper Warrior PA28) where it’ll accommodate up to 4 people. Not only that, but as a once in a lifetime experience you can’t do these things by halves – we are flying to Isle of Wight across the coastline, landing for a spot of lunch and back! To say I am excited is one thing, Kate is completely made up 😀

Here’s some photos of the Piper Warrior PA28 airplane that we’ll be flying…

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Have you ever flown an airplane? a Do you love heights? Let us know what to expect…