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The late may bank holiday has just gone and it took us to Soho, London. Those who are aware of Soho, theaters, glitter, and London's 'naughty district' may spring to mind, but the labyrinth of rabbit warren like streets have a lot more to offer. Soho features night clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants with a few sex shops scattered amongst them, in fact Soho isn't short on anything. Whether you are after a quick bite to eat, to dine in style, to drink or to shop, you'll find it all here.

Having opened at the tail end of last year, I finally had the chance to take great pleasure in visiting The Jones Family Project. Found opposite the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, this bar and restaurant has lived up to its outstanding reviews. Having spent the evening here with work colleagues, it really gave me a great amount of time here, and what a time I had! When arriving at the Jones Family Project, you are greeted by a New York style long bar full of all your high-end drinking favourites. As we arrived after work for a couple of pre-drinks, it gave me time to take in the level of detail they've put into this place. When venturing downstairs to the much larger restaurant area, they have a decorated stage set for those who want to dine with a theme - how cool is that? At the moment it's set up as a hunting lodge, so what better way to sink your teeth into some steak than to feel all rustic and manly about it too.

Happy Friday! This week we have put together some inspiration of images from across the world to help inspire us and hopefully you too! With so much to see in the world it's hard at times to really decide on where to go next. Do you just flip a coin? blindfold yourself and place a pin on a map? We are never sure where we want to go explore next, but we try not to get too bogged down in the details and just go with the flow. Today Kate leaves (without me may I add) to go on a weekend break with her girl friends to Croatia...

We have seen a few blog posts floating around recently regarding what is outside of your front door, as let's face it, you don't have to travel thousands of miles away to find yourselves getting lost and exploring new places. As we have recently moved home to a lovely little cottage we thought we would treat you to one of it's best kept secrets (we've never heard about the bluebells before)! Thanks goes to The Woodland Trust for looking after our forests in Great Britain, as we are able to share these beautiful wild bluebells with you. Having such beautiful views surrounding our cottage we try to make the most of going for walks now more than we ever have. We are in fact in LOVE with our new home and couldn't be happier. Travelling around the world is a few years off for the time being, but here we really do feel at home - which I'm sure you'll all agree is a massively important feeling to have from time to time. I know right now that when we are across the other side of the world, it will be these memories that'll make me miss England (along with our family and friends).

Before I say anything, take a moment to take in the astounding beauty from the main image taken whilst flying over the south coast of England! As you may have previously read in part I of our flying story, for my birthday Kate had arranged for me to fly a plane, to which I secretly upgraded to allow her to fly too! The date was getting closer and quite a few people kept asking if I was nervous yet, being so excited to being able to take controls of a plane kept me sane. On the day at the crack of dawn, we should have left the house.. instead we were a little late and that's when a mixture of excitement and nervousness kicked in. It's not every day you wake up knowing you're going to be flying a plane. So off we headed to Brighton, on what can only be described as the perfect day as far as English weather is concerned ;)  

So you may be questioning why we've been a little quiet lately, well the news is we are going to move home! After living on a third floor apartment together for just over a year, we wanted a bit of a change and to make the most of the great outdoors... So this led us to look at a lovely cottage that plays host to over 70 acres of land! Last Saturday we managed to get a last minute viewing and as soon as we arrived we fell in love. After having a look around and meeting the owners, we didn't have much time to make our minds up as we knew someone had just viewed the cottage and it wouldn't be long before someone put an offer in. We just looked at each other and the words "We'll take" it rolled off our tongues without much thought. We followed our hearts and boy are we glad! The lovely owners let us know all the walking routes we can take across the land and off we went exploring our new home... [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="1331,1330,1326,1327,1328,1329"]

125 years ago today, the Eiffel Tower officially opened after just 2 years, 2 months and 5 days of construction. Originally built for the 1889 World's Fair and named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower; it is still as popular as ever. We managed to tick visiting the Eiffel Tower off our bucket list last year in 2013 when we went on a road trip across Europe. I'm not sure what was more daunting though, standing directly underneath the Eiffel Tower looking up knowing full well we'll soon be right at the top, or the fact there were massively long winding queues at each entrance! With such long queues during the middle of the day, the sun burning down on us would be too much to queue up for hours. This didn't faze us though, but we decided to make the most of Paris during the day and decided to visit the Eiffel Tower at sunset instead. cue the pictures...   [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="1614,1613,1612"]

Rainforests believe it or not, are fundamental to our planet's health. Pretty obvious right? Not only are rainforests home to more than half of the world's species of flora and fauna, rainforests are also the source of about 40 percent of the planet's oxygen supply! That's a fact that I didn't realise was so high. It's sad to know that despite humans being so diverse and "life-giving" we still continue to destroy these beautiful natural habitats through deforestation.

Now I'm not going to start lecturing you on how we should stop our every day lives and chain ourselves to trees to try save them (although that could be an idea!) BUT it's good to try spread some awareness about how extreme it's becoming. After all, we are all avid travellers who love the world and what it gives back to us.

Let us take you on a journey through some of the most extreme destinations in the world. See how much you really know about the world with these extreme facts! Do you know where the world's coldest place is? How about where the Sun never dips below the horizon, or the city that plays host to the tallest building in the world? Discover the world’s most extreme destinations in the infographic below. These extreme destinations around the world take things to the next level and beyond...

For my last birthday Kate surprised me with what can only be described as the most amazing, right out there kind of present.. to fly a plane! So now the weather has started to slowly improve in good old Blighty, it's time I made the call and to book my flight experience! - A little nervous but so excited, I can't wait! I have chosen to fly in Brighton where we can make it a lovely trip away, get ourselves exploring and making the most of Brighton's famous night life. The flight itself was an introductory lesson where I would be taught the basics of how to fly in a briefing room before I take to the skies - eek! As Kate got me this amazing thrill seeking gift, I felt a little saddened by the fact I'd be having the time of my life whilst she's got her feet firmly on the ground below. I knew no matter how I described the experience it would never be the same as actually doing it for yourself...

Who doesn't love a little romance huh? - We ticked off visiting a Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts) whilst in Paris and even added our names to the forever growing collection of padlocks. Well in such a romantic city, we were never going to say no were we ;) So what is a love lock I hear you say? A love lock is a padlock which lovers lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically the persons names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolise unbreakable love. [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="1076"]

Viva Las Vegas! In 2012 39m people visited Las Vegas and we were two of them 8-) We managed to check this off our bucket list during our road trip around California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah in a rented RV. So let the fun commence, we had just come from Zion National Park so the nightlife, bright lights, and gambling had us buzzing with excitement! So far we had been travelling around day by day with next to no itinerary, but knowing the places we wanted to check off our list. We arrived in Las Vegas at the start of the night, after battling to drive the 25 ft RV with the strongest side winds known to man (okay maybe it wasnt that strong, but with such a big vehicle we were battling the whole entire time to keep it on the straight and narrow! - eek!) So once we made it we found an RV park just a short walk from Downtown Las Vegas - Woohoo! After walking around the casinos with our jaws dropped on the floor from amazement of us actually being here, we decided to take advantage of the cheap prices Vegas has on offer. A few Lobsters, pints and steaks later, we hit the district. After walking to the strip (yes we stupidly walked it) we were done for the night, on our way back we were greeted with a passed out homeless guy by the side of the road with the cops driving past not blinking an eyelid. (Are we in the safest area?! we are thinking to ourselves.. is this the usual for Vegas? Do we do anything to help?)

Last Summer we agreed that we couldn't really top the USA road trip, neither did we want to. We fancied something a little less intense but still a great adventure to somewhere new. After potentially looking at Croatia, we actually decided on Amsterdam and Paris - lots to see and do and all relatively cheap. The price between driving and flights wasn't much in it, so we decided to drive, and get back to basics with camping :) So we set off at around 10pm to head down to Dover, catch the ferry at gone 12am, reach Calais and then drive 230 miles straight to 'Camping Zeeburg' where we pitched our tent next to the noisiest goats they had as pets at the campsite.. Little did we know they were going to be our personal alarm clock for the next week! BUT they did get us out of bed nice and early to make the most of our time in Amsterdam :D

Different people take different things when they travel. We've all seen the hippie walking through the airport with just a guitar and a journal or the businessman who has perfected the science of compacting his clothes into a small carry-on. But what does your luggage say about you? That you're a fun-loving risk taker? A checklist tourist? Or are you packing for the one-off chance that you'll meet someone and turn your vacation into an Eat Pray Love experience? We examine the spectrum of travellers by what they take along... At Round the World we go, both myself (Adam) and Kate have spotted every type listed below.. I'm not sure if that's an accomplishment or not, but I do love my medals! :D I think we all know at least one person whose luggage fits into the categories :)

So to help feed our NEED to travel, this weekend we visited the Destinations Holiday & Travel Show in London. Having prepared ourselves to come back with pockets stuffed with rolled up brochures from the show we set off on our way Saturday morning! This is our first travel show we have been to and had been given complimentary tickets from Titan Travel (cheers guys!) - we wasn't 100% sure what we would gain if anything, but we were in for a treat... If any of you haven't yet visited a travel show before then from our experiences it's definitely worth your time. Not only will you be tempted to just book any flight and see where you would end up, but you'll have gained inspiration from hundreds of travel agents and tour guides. We have learnt a lot about where we want to go and how we go about making that become reality. After filling out dozens upon dozens of competition forms, even we are starting to feel lucky we'll hopefully win one of them right? ;)

This week we are reading up on various travel blogs and websites in some preparation for our round the world trip planning. I have always had a love for the big cat family, so one of my musts is to travel to Africa and experience them in their natural habitat.. and what better way to do this by going on safari and visiting a Cheetah breeding program in Zambia and volunteering for a couple of weeks to really get that true experience. As a conservation company, Mukuni Big 5 looks to be one of the highlighted being so close to Victoria Falls. The Volunteer Program aims to breed and release animals into professionally managed Wildlife Reserves all around Zambia so I am happy that they have a genuine interest in the endangered species and want nothing but the best for them. As we are starting to find our favourite places to pin on the map, it soon dawns on you that you literally can't see and do everything you want. We would rather travel slow and experience what the World has to offer, rather than following the tourist route. Let's get off onto the beaten track and really see what life is like on the other side!

Are you looking to learn a language? Dared yourself to learn one of the hardest languages? Or just maybe you've added learning something new onto your bucket list. Well this week we take a look at which languages are the easiest to learn (phew! :P ) and which ones are a little more taxing for the native English speaker! Having learnt both French and Spanish at school, I feel I should have kept it up as now I don't feel nowhere near as confident... So without further ado, what are the hardest languages to learn?

Are you new to travelling? Think yourself as an experienced nomad? No matter what kind of traveller you are, this list is perfect to find out just how much you have learnt from travelling across the world...

Thanks goes to Travelbag for putting this excellent guide together in such a fun way - we enjoyed the read and even learnt a few things! Who'd of thought which hand is best to pour wine with in Argentina ;)

G'day mate! - Is exactly what most of the Australian population will definitely be saying on Sunday 26th January as they celebrate in their national 'Australia Day'! Why not take part yourself by celebrating with them even if you aren't currently hitting the surf beaches of the Gold Coast. However... to all of our Aussie readers out there, here are 7 fun filled events and activities to take part in to make your Australia day 2014 one to remember 8-)