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We are very happy this year as the Tour de France is not only coming to Britain for the opening three stages of the 101st edition of the world's most demanding bike race, but it is also passing by locally for us too!  This Saturday...

125 years ago today, the Eiffel Tower officially opened after just 2 years, 2 months and 5 days of construction. Originally built for the 1889 World's Fair and named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower; it is still as popular as ever. We managed to tick visiting the Eiffel Tower off our bucket list last year in 2013 when we went on a road trip across Europe. I'm not sure what was more daunting though, standing directly underneath the Eiffel Tower looking up knowing full well we'll soon be right at the top, or the fact there were massively long winding queues at each entrance! With such long queues during the middle of the day, the sun burning down on us would be too much to queue up for hours. This didn't faze us though, but we decided to make the most of Paris during the day and decided to visit the Eiffel Tower at sunset instead. cue the pictures...   [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="1614,1613,1612"]

Who doesn't love a little romance huh? - We ticked off visiting a Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts) whilst in Paris and even added our names to the forever growing collection of padlocks. Well in such a romantic city, we were never going to say no were we ;) So what is a love lock I hear you say? A love lock is a padlock which lovers lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically the persons names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolise unbreakable love. [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" ids="1076"]

When it comes to travel destinations, both myself and Kate have been to quite a few over the years; both together and family holidays. Growing up I've learnt a lot about travelling from having caravanning holidays throughout the UK, now this may sound like posh camping and not the hard-core stuff, but it does teach you that you can go away anywhere and to enjoy the place you are at. For me this is where it all started, having also been on many driving holidays from home (England) to Europe it gave me a huge insight to just jumping in the car and seeing where you end up. - What better way to explore than over land rather than by plane.. you see so much more behind the scenic views this way! Rome and Lake Garda in Italy is definitely one of my favourite travel destinations with my family, that and visiting America the first time and to also see my sister getting married! There is so much to see and experience in the world, that I personally cannot stand the type of holiday where you sit by a pool all day getting a tan in a fancy country. You can say you've been there, but have you really experienced it? Don't get me wrong, I do love relaxation and sometimes during a holiday it is a must to get away from normal day-to-day life; but on the other hand I also enjoy getting stuck in and getting lost in a new place. Let's face it, you're not really lost just because you aren't following a map.