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If you're ever to find yourself in Camden, you'll instantly be surrounded by an exciting mix of markets, cuisines and music venues. It is the cuisine part that excites me the most. For such an area in London to have such a wide variety where everyone feels...

The late may bank holiday has just gone and it took us to Soho, London. Those who are aware of Soho, theaters, glitter, and London's 'naughty district' may spring to mind, but the labyrinth of rabbit warren like streets have a lot more to offer. Soho features night clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants with a few sex shops scattered amongst them, in fact Soho isn't short on anything. Whether you are after a quick bite to eat, to dine in style, to drink or to shop, you'll find it all here.

Having opened at the tail end of last year, I finally had the chance to take great pleasure in visiting The Jones Family Project. Found opposite the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, this bar and restaurant has lived up to its outstanding reviews. Having spent the evening here with work colleagues, it really gave me a great amount of time here, and what a time I had! When arriving at the Jones Family Project, you are greeted by a New York style long bar full of all your high-end drinking favourites. As we arrived after work for a couple of pre-drinks, it gave me time to take in the level of detail they've put into this place. When venturing downstairs to the much larger restaurant area, they have a decorated stage set for those who want to dine with a theme - how cool is that? At the moment it's set up as a hunting lodge, so what better way to sink your teeth into some steak than to feel all rustic and manly about it too.