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Woods Tag

As we have recently dug the tent out and went camping in the New Forest this Easter (blog post to come!), we thought it would be fun to see which type of camper we are, but more importantly - what type of camper are you? So, many types of people may find themselves stuffed into a car with sleeping bags, tents and snacks. From the nature lovers to the mall rats and everywhere between, camping holds something for everyone and we agree with this statement. It really doesn't matter where you are from, what you usually do.

Saw this and made me laugh so had to show you all.. If anyone is an avid follower of 'Adventure Journal' you may have seen this already but it's definitely worth the share! We've not yet been caught out in the woods, but I guess this will be a given when it comes to getting deep into the bush ;)

So without further ado.. here's how to poop in the woods :D