The Future of World Travel | Round the World we go
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The Future of World Travel

The Future of World Travel

When you speak of world travel and what the future holds, it’s hard to imagine the Wright Brothers only took their first successful flight just over 100 years ago. The fixed winged aircraft paved the path of what we call travel today. Little did anyone know what travel would become in just over 100 years. We almost take for granted the effortlessness of grabbing your passport and jumping onto a plane to anywhere in the world and it’s all down to them and their aspirations to fly.

Not only have we now mastered how to fly in the sky with massive jet planes, but the internet has also revolutionised the way we travel. I’m not just talking about booking holidays online, and researching tropical destinations with a click of a mouse, but with the birth of smartphones you can now communicate with anyone in the world no matter where you are. We are now so connected with each other with social media websites, etc. It makes you wonder just how far into the future mobile technology will go when it comes to world travel…


Are you an avid mobile phone user? Can’t bare to be on the move without Facebook? Don’t have a smartphone and not intending on caving in? Let us know, we want to hear from you…