24 May 2022


The Boston family

We began travel blogging back in 2014 just after our first major road trip across America. Taking photos is just one of our passions, which lead us to sharing our traveI stories. Skip forward 5 years and we’re now a family of four. Having rebranded to Born Explorer, our passion for travel has become stronger than ever and even more enjoyable seeing the world through our children’s eyes.

As a family we’ve managed to travel the length and breadth of the UK, as well as many road trips into Europe. We really don’t like being typical tourists and love to search out the unusual and not follow the queues of people.

We’re Adam & Kate, travel obsessed, loving parents.

We love staying in all types of accommodation, with our favourites being safari tents, wooden cabins, 5 * hotels and villas through to airbnb’s. We love trying new experiences and will definitely give anything a go, from climbing Swiss mountains to glamourous beachside resorts, whilst not forgetting everything else in-between.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “How do I travel with young children?” or “Where do I find the best family holiday deals?” or simply wish to travel the world as a family, then keep reading.

We aim to prove that whilst trips now require a completely new checklist of essential items, and not just your passport, hand luggage and some cash, anything is possible! So stay tuned as we spill all the secrets for a successful family day out, holiday and even round the world trip.

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