Yesterday marked 10 days until we are off to explore Montenegro, the pearl of the Mediterranean. To say we are excited is an understatement, and although we do reside in the beautiful countryside, sometimes without any reason it’s nice to get away. (Travelling around the world is our end goal after all!)

So why did we choose Montenegro?

Well to start with, this was a surprise trip as Kate had done extremely well with her Fine Art Degree.. what better excuse to travel? First I began browsing a world map and then searching for anywhere I hadn’t heard much about.. which led me to Montenegro. A place jammed packed full of history and natural beauty. (often called the Pearl of the Mediterranean). The landscapes are varied from white beaches to the green mountainsides with crystal clear lakes and pristine forest that lurk in between.

Montenegro is quite small and lies in the middle of the Balkans, in the Adriatic Sea. This small country packs a big punch and tourists are just recently discovering it all after years of neglect during former Yugoslavia’s war. The best part is that the natural beauty remains largely unspoiled due to the lack of the ‘tourism boom’.

Visitors are able to take a glimpse into yesterday with quaint fishing villages and historic walled cities, it’s said to almost be like you’re in another century.

We will soon update on what we discover, where we go.. BUT – is there a secret place we shouldn’t miss? Let us know..