Everyone loves vacation, right? After all, a vacation is pretty much a reward for turning up to work every day consistently, and grinding through all those tasks and obligations that you don’t much care for.

But although vacation is great in and of itself, have you ever found that your vacations end up blurring together, and becoming a bit repetitive?

If you’ve been going to the same location, and doing the same thing, for several vacations in a row, or else have just been feeling like you’ve been going through the motions and not really getting the most out of the experience, it’s a good idea to pause, take a deep breath, and think about ways of “mixing things up.”

Here are a few ways to make your next vacation a bit more interesting.

Go for a charity challenge

You can get involved with charity challenges through many different organisations, companies, groups and institutions, but whatever your initial entry point is, doing one of these may be just the thing for making your vacations a bit more fun and exciting.

A charity challenge will typically involve you doing something that’s pretty strenuous, and also pretty uncommon, in order to raise money for a good cause. Universities have, in the past, run challenges where students have to try and travel as far away from the University as possible without using any money. (Some made it all the way from the UK to Australia.)

Another example is the 24 Peaks Challenge, featured on Global Adventure Challenges, which aims to have hikers summit 24 peaks in around 24 hours, in the scenic Lake District.

By signing up to a challenge like this, you’ll definitely come away with some interesting stories to tell, and you’ll be serving a good cause, too.

Take a “low-tech” approach, and get back to basics

We live in a pretty tech-dominated world these days, and there are certainly some pretty serious advantages to that.

At the same time, though, spending too much time using certain modern technologies such as social media has been correlated with an increased risk of anxiety and depression, among other things.

What’s more, staring at screens all the time makes it pretty easy to lose a healthy sense of perspective on life.

To really see the world from a different angle, go for a “low tech” approach to your vacation. How about camping for a week, without taking your tablet or laptop with you?

Take a notebook with you, and release your inner travel writer

Humans are natural storytellers, and will do almost anything if it means we have a good story to tell afterwards.

On your next travel, why not make this process more conscious, take a notebook with you, and write out a diary entry for each day?

See it as “releasing your own inner travel writer.” You can even turn your logs into a series of blog posts, or an actual travel book, once you’re home. While you are still on your vacation, though, writing down your experiences may help to make the whole experience a lot more interesting and insightful.