As the saying goes, ‘money makes the world go round.’ Unfortunately, it’s also what stops several people from pursuing their dream of travelling and making an income at the same time. With about 1.7 million of the UK workforce working from home, earning from any location is made more accessible – even when travelling. Having a regular income while on the move, makes your travel experience much more comfortable and stress-free. So, what can you do to earn more money while travelling? Here are some ideas.

  1. Offer your services as a tour guide

If you’re not new to your next travel destination, then consider offering to be a tour guide is an excellent way to make extra money. Being a tour guide requires excellent communication and ease with public speaking. You must have a passion for history and be knowledgeable in the arts, traditions, and culture of the people. You might work in museums or national parks- making it a tedious job you should not go for if you are not passionate about it. However, if you are not fluent in the local dialect, you could choose to be a tour guide for a private group of tourists or choose to be a guide for the English-group of tourists visiting the museum, gallery, or park.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money while travelling. It does not matter if you are an engineer, a web developer, or a consultant. You can offer your services away from home and still earn a decent living. To make this work, always have access to your online portfolio and be ready to share whenever the need arises. Today, more people are upgrading their professional profiles on Upwork and other digital platforms. By doing this, you make yourself available to potential employers. Once you are hired, you can make some money during your vacation.

  1. Sales

In several cities and countries, it is relatively easy to spot sales jobs. You can use your sales pitching skills for your good; this is a lucrative opportunity for persons with business and marketing skills to be a part of it. Ensure that you are in a location where you are fluent in its local dialect. You would not be a helpful salesperson in Paris if you cannot speak any French. 

  1. Photography

Many websites worldwide are in constant need of new images to sell to interested persons or use for content. If you are interested and skilled in photography or videography, this is a way to make extra money while travelling. Search the internet to find businesses offering good deals for images. Take your stunning pictures and get some extra cash while you travel and do what you love. Be sure to have the right tools and, if necessary, fix any vision challenges you may have to produce high-quality images. Click here for a range of eyeglasses options.

You can make money while travelling, but be mindful of the services you offer. Choose services you are passionate about and skilled in. Your adventures should not be only about the sights and sounds. Instead, it should include your money-making abilities until when you decide to return home.