British Columbia is the third most populous state in Canada. But that isn’t saying much since most of the territory outside of Vancouver is pristine wilderness. The majority of the population live in the southern part of the state near the US border, with a few towns scattered further on up the coast. It’s an excellent place for tourists to visit and features numerous hiking and mountain biking trails, especially near the town of Whistler.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the things that you can do in British Columbia, often abbreviated BC. Let’s take a look.

Visit The Royal BC Museum

British Columbia, as the name implies, is steeped in colonial heritage. But although the Canadians on the West Coast threw off the manacles of the controlling British Empire many decades ago, the British influence remains over the territory. If you stay in Comfort Inn & Suites, Langley, you can get quick access to the Royal British Columbia Museum which is conveniently located near downtown Vancouver.

The museum runs dozens of exhibitions on a range of themes all to do with Canada’s rich colonial history. You’ll find a combination of natural history, the history of the people who first came to the area, and some modern history which covers what’s happened in BC over the last fifty years or so. The museum is a snapshot into many aspects of BC lift and clearly demonstrates how this community has grown up over the years. It’s an impressive story.

Visit Lake O’Hara

If you’re staying in a hotel in Langley, then you’ll want to travel out of the urban area and further inland to Lake O’Hara. Lake O’Hara is a turquoise-blue oasis in the middle of the Yoho National Park, 500 square miles of wilderness that lets you see what wild Canada used to look like before people settled there en masse. The lake and surrounding areas play host to gushing rapids and impressive waterfalls that are bound to inspire. The entire landscape is dotted with alpine trees, helping to give the region a distinctly European feel. At times you forget you’re not exploring the Alps.

Drive Along The Sea To Sky Highway

Highway 99 is famous. It’s the road that runs from the US border up to Vancouver Island – about 250 miles to the north. The views along the route are stunning as you meander your way along the coast. Not only do you get great views out over the Pacific from the numerous coves and bays along the way, but you also get to see the Western extent of the Rockies, which stretch to the coast. This is a great road trip for all the family, with plenty of places to stop off en route and eat.

Visit Tofino Island Beaches

Tofino is well-known for its incredible surf and beautiful walks. Located in the West Coast area of Vancouver Island, this famous beauty spot has long been popular among tourists looking to experience the best that British Columbia has to offer.