Are you planning to go on a big road trip soon? Road trips can be great fun for all the family, but there are quite a few things that you will need to remember to take with you! Below, we have some of our road trip essentials that we think you need to know about.


Car Equipment

When going on a big road trip, the first thing that you will need to think about is what you need to take to keep your car in tip top condition. Of course, you will need to double check that you have things packed such as jumper cables, the car manual, a headlamp, a flashlight and some extra oil. Not only do you need to make sure your car is protected on the road, but you will also want to make sure that you are taking care of it at night too. Purchasing car covers is a great way to do this as they will protect your pain from factors such as sun rays, snow, dirt and bird droppings, giving you one less thing to worry about on your road trip.



This is a particularly important category if you are taking children with you on your road trip! A lack of entertainment on a road trip can make those long hours in the car incredibly boring. Before any road trip, you should have a great playlist sorted, some podcasts to listen to and audio books. It is these small, planned out things that will ensure you have a memorable experience on your road trip.


Car Attire

Whilst in the car for hours on end, comfort is key. Make sure that you are keeping your feet warm in comfy socks and wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off throughout the journey. Consider taking with you a beanie or bobble so that you can hide your bed head hair when taking breaks. Another top tip is to make sure that you take layers, as these are the most practical to either cool-off easily or warm-up.



Everyone knows that om any lengthy car journey, good snacks are an absolute must! Try and bring a mix of both junk food and healthy snacks so you have choice during the journey and are not completely ruining your diet in the space of a day. Nuts are a great snack to fill you up with healthy fats, while fruit is another great and easy option to eat while in the car. For a treat, crisps or sweets are a great option. Just make sure that you keep a bin bag handy to keep the mess to a minimum.


First Aid

Many people forget to take a first aid kit when they go on a road trip, however, this is extremely important as accidents are bound to happen. This doesn’t have to be much, you’ll just need some plasters, band-aids, hand sanitiser and paracetamol.