Taking a great vacation is about escaping from the ordinary. For a long weekend, a week, or maybe even two weeks, you get to live your life a little differently. You have no work, few responsibilities, and a daily schedule that is as full of wonder (or as empty of structured activities) as you choose to make it. Of course, being on vacation doesn’t mean that we are suddenly transformed into different people. But the relaxation can actually change the way our brains work and recharge our energies, and embracing the difference can be fun and meaningful.

So what does embracing the vacation mean? For one thing, it means dressing a little differently. There’s no reason to be wearing the same old stuff when you’re on vacation. Now is the time to dig into your wardrobe for that special piece — or to shop for something new and vibrant. Here are five things that you should wear on your next vacation.

The high-class cocktail dress

Every vacation should include at least once fancy dinner. Sure, relaxing beach days are great, but living the high life also means enjoying high society once in a while. So grab a garment bag and a classy, fancy dress that you’d never wear to work or at home. This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and that means that it’s a great excuse to wear a once-in-a-lifetime dress. Just make sure that you check out your travel guidebook or travel websites to pair your high-end outfit with a restaurant or club that is actually high-end, so that you feel in your element instead of overdressed.

That daring club outfit

The “little black dress” is one of the most iconic sartorial choices in history, and every woman should have one in their closet. As any woman can tell you, though, not all little black dresses are created equal — or equally little.

You may own a few different club dresses, tops, and outfits. You know which ones are the most stylistically edgy and which ones bare the most skin. Now is the time to be the fearless clubgoer you’ve always wanted to be! Bust out that outfit you want to be able to pull off, and then do just that. Confidence is everything in fashion, and your relaxed vacation self will have it!

Something that goes with everything

Packing a great wardrobe for vacation is a little tougher to do than you might think. Picture this: you pack smart, laying out your favorite pieces and your best outfits. But on your trip, you combine two pieces in a smart new way. On the last day of your trip, you find that you have a few clean items left — and they don’t go together at all!

It’s easy to pack great stuff for vacation, but hard to make sure that you get coordinated outfits every day. Make things easier by packing something reliable that goes with everything. Neutral colors and simple tops will give you fewer headaches. You can also expand this idea to more (or even all of) your clothes. Some experts recommend packing an entire suitcase full of just one, two, or three colors that work well together.

A laid-back casual dress

You’re not a different person on vacation — you’re just the best, most relaxed version of you that you can be. That’s why it’s time to dig into your wardrobe for casual dresses that are comfortable to wear and look great in just about any setting.

Remember to think about where you’re going. Your casual dresses need to suit the climate! Think light, airy fabrics for beach days. And consider the prints and colors, too. You want something that helps you stand out without clashing with the beautiful vacation space around you.

Your traveling outfit

Your vacation is the time to bust out all of your most beloved and fashion-forward clothing. It’s your time to shine! But when you’re getting to or from your vacation, you need to focus on function over form. A long plane trip is no time to be wearing heels.

Do you have your travel outfit picked out yet? Wearing a standard outfit when you have a long plane, train, bus, or car trip ahead of you is a smart move, as any well-traveled person will tell you. Choose one with travel-friendly features like loose, comfortable fits and slip-on shoes. Get cozy!