It is unsurprising you are planning a trip to Australia. After all, it is a beautiful country filled with amazing landmarks and friendly locals. However, there are some things you must do before you decide to head down under.

5 Things You Must Do Before You Travel to Australia

Know When to Travel

Many people often opt to travel to southern Australia between December to February, because of the region’s hot temperatures. As a result, this is also one of the most crowded times to visit Australia, which means the flights and hotels might be more expensive. If you want to save money and avoid a crowd, it’s recommended to travel from October to November or March to April, as you can still enjoy the beautiful Australian sun.

However, if you are planning a trip to northern Australia, the summer season can often be quite uncomfortable due to extreme temperatures. So, if you dream of visiting Queensland, it might be worth booking a holiday during the winter months, which is from June to August.

Holiday Vaccinations

It is worth consulting a medical professional to see if you require any holiday vaccinations before you travel. It is advised you receive any travel vaccinations eight weeks before your trip. Also, if you have travelled from or visited a yellow fever infected nation within six days of travelling to Australia, you will be required to show proof of a yellow fever vaccination or you will be denied entry into the country.

Consider Your Budget

Do you know how much an average meal costs in Australia? It’s worth mentioning that Australia isn’t cheap, so try to have a least $100 per day to make the most of your time in the country. Camping is a great way to avoid expensive hotel prices, and you could always opt to cook your own meals a few nights if your budget is a little stretched.

Travel Restrictions

Australia has many travel restrictions in place, which prevent you from bringing certain items into the country. For example, fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs are strictly prohibited. You also won’t be allowed to bring any seeds, plants, skins or feathers into Australia. It is also important you are aware that various personal medications maybe subject to controls, so make sure take a letter from your doctor stating your medical conditions and necessary medications.

Visa Requirements

Tourists will be required to obtain a visa when visiting Australia, unless you are a New Zealand citizen. How you apply for a visa will depend on your country’s regulations. For example, UK residents can apply for an Australian visa by visiting the Department of Immigration and Border Control, whilst US, Canadian, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korean and Malaysia citizens can apply for an ETA online.

Whether you are travelling to Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney or another destination, you can guarantee you will experience the trip of a lifetime, but you must ensure every box above is ticked to create memories for all the right reasons.