If you are a big fan of travel, then you have probably been on lots of planes, trains and coach trips – but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy something a little different – and there are probably lots of modes of transport that you haven’t tried yet. We have listed some unusual ways to get around that you may not have tried before.


Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning can still be seen as something that’s incredibly extravagant and only something that people who have an awful lot of money can enjoy – but actually hot air ballooningis becoming increasingly popular and isn’t as expensive as you would think. Obviously, a lot of it depends on climate and the location you are in, but you can now get this all over the world. It will give you a fantastic scenic view that you have never experienced before, and you can even do sunrise trips which are a sight to behold.



Kayaking is a lot of fun in general and is a great way to explore rivers and lakes. It’s more than just a mode of transport to get you from A-B – it can be a really fun hobby and something that you can keep enjoying. There are lots of great places to explore, and if you had your own kayak this is something you could do whenever you want. You can read full comparisons and reviews on some great kayaks via the following link: https://bestkayaks.reviews/.



This one is more for those of you who are a little adventurous, and like a bit of an adrenaline rush.  Effectively, you would be jumping of a steep hill with what will look to be a parachute over you. Of course, it’s much less dangerous than it sounds, and there is an incredible amount of control involved.  You will often find this in places that attract a lot of tourists.


Motor Homes

Motor Homes are a fantastic way to travel around the company. You are in complete control as to where you want to go – but you can also be more impulsive if you want to and check out new routes.  This way you can take your own little home with you, so you don’t need to pay for any additional hotels or anything. Being on the road can be quite freeing and lots of fun.



Motorbiking holidaysare also something that’s becoming increasingly popular these days. You can do this yourself with a group of friends, or there are actual motorcycle toursthat you can book on too where there will be tour guides etc. It’s a great way to meet some new people and socialise. There’s also a great sense of freedom that comes with being on a motorbike that you may not get with other ways of travelling.


If you want to do something a little different when travelling, then this list could be a good place to start.