Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the world and when you have seen photographs, it is not hard to see why! This gorgeous Greek island is iconic for its picturesque cliffside town featuring white-washed cycladic cave buildings which overlook Caldera. With luxury villas, lovely wineries, delicious restaurants, art galleries and beautiful jewellery boutiques. While Oia is the most famous town on the island, there is plenty of other beautiful towns to visit including Fira, Akrotiri and Perissa.


Stunning Sunsets by the Caldera

One of the biggest draws of visiting Santorini is the beautiful sunsets that the island has to offer. These sunsets are truly magical and draw huge crowds of people. No matter where you are on the island, the usnset is just as awe-inspiring at every town so no matter whether you are viewing it on the edge of Oia or staying in the quieter Akrotiri, you can enjoy this sunset. When visiting Santorini, most people will head to Oia to view the sunset, but if you are planning on doing this then we would recommend grabbing your spot early as it gets busy very, very quickly! Why not grab yourself a glass of wine or bubbly, grab your space and enjoy the sunset in style.


Take in the Beautiful Church Domes

When you see photographs of Santorini, the blue domed churches are iconic. Many people dream of visiting here for the amazing photographs that you can take with these churches in the backdrop. A good tip here is that most of these blue topped churches can be found hidden up alleyways, so if you spot people disappearing down these little alleyways, most likely they are heading off to visit one of the gorgeous churches.

Delicious Greek Cuisine and Local Wine
If you love cheese, Greece is the place that you want to visit. Santorini is no different and you can enjoy scrumptious Greek feta cheese with almost every meal, even on your salads. No matter what your budget is, there are gourmet restaurants to suit everyone. When visiting Santorini, you have to check out restaurants offering freshly caught seafood, mezze platters, Greek phyllo desserts and locally sourced wines. While Amoundi is famous for its amazing seafood, you can find plenty of amazing places serving great seafood throughout Santorini.


Enjoy Some Luxury Shopping

Santorini is famous for its luxurious shops and very expensive hotels. There are plenty of stunning luxury boutiques for you to enjoy here and, if your bank balance allows for it, you can spend to your heart’s content. While there are plenty of shops featuring sparkling diamonds, what we also love about Santorini is that there are also shops available that are more affordable, particularly jewellery shops of which there are many of. The hotels on the island are very expensive and instead many people opt to choose a villa instead. Villas are ideal for example Santorini villa rentals are absolutely beautiful and offer your privacy without having to sacrifice the comforts of a 5* hotel. Enjoy scenic views, stunning architecture and amazing private pools which are perfect from two guests upwards.


Visit the Volcanic Mineral Beaches

As well as being famous for its picturesque towns, Santorini is also known for its stunning beaches. No matter what type of beach you prefer Santorini has it all! Choose to visit black sand, red sand, yellow sand or beautiful white sandy beaches during your stay. If you are staying in a villa, why not hire out a car and visit these beaches at your own leisurely pace. Many of these beaches are the perfect getaway spot from the tourist crowds and offer lots of fun activities. You can rent a beach lounge chair, take a boat ride or you could even bring your own picnic basket with you. Some of the world’s best beaches are located here, so make sure you check them out.


Sights and Activities

Although Santorini is quite a small island, it is still bursting with fun activities for you to do. Donkey rides are extremely popular and you can take cable card which will give you amazing scenic views of the sea. There is an activity for everyone on this island. If you love an action-packed, fast-paced holiday you can rent a quad bike to explore the island, hike the Fira trail or go on a scuba dive! For those who prefer something more relaxing, why not sail around the island, visit archaeological sites or go on a wine tasting tour?


Visit Santorini’s Cave Buildings

What many people also love about visiting Santorini is the stunning cave style buildings that are synonymous with the island. Everyone is free to do this and it won’t cost you anything to take in these amazing views.

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