For many of us, we save up all year long for those few short city breaks or two weeks abroad. However, holidays can be costly and a big expense, especially if you are not careful with your pennies. There is no need to fret though, as there are plenty of ways in which you can save money while you are planning your next holiday. Carry on reading to find out what our top tips are to save money.

8 Ways to Save Money When Planning A Holiday


Book as Early as Possible

One of the easiest ways that you can save money on your next trip abroad is by making sure that you plan it well enough in advance. Most airlines will have their cheapest flights available early on in the year and this is especially true for long-haul flights. Prices can vary from day to day never mind month to month but they will each have a quota of seats that they must fill, so keep an eye out for those bargains. You will hear a lot that around 56 days in advance is the best time to book, however, you can still grab some amazing last minute deals if you are not too fussy on where you are going for your summer holiday.



Book Your Car Parking in Advance

Another way to save money by booking as early as possible is with car parking. Car parking at the airport can be expensive when left to the last minute, however, you can book Birmingham Airport Car Park 7 at Birmingham Parking for a fantastic deal. This gives you the luxury of not having to rely on others to get to the airport and your car will be sitting waiting for you on your return so you can get home as quickly as possible.



The Internet Is Your Friend

While there are still some great deals to be found at stores in the high-street, for the most part, you will find the best and cheapest details online. When using the internet, you will be able to custom create your own holiday package that is tailored and perfect to you plus you will be able to narrow down which are the best websites for those cracking deals.



Look at Cheaper Destinations

We all know that at the moment, the pound is not at its strongest, which means when we are changing our money, every extra point on the exchange rate really counts. Many countries that were once deemed to be very affordable to holiday at such as Spain and Greece are now thought to be quite expensive with the rate of the pound to the euro. So, if you are looking at different destinations to visit, you may want to think about the strength of the pound as many countries that you may have not previously considered will offer you much better bang for your buck.



Sign Up for Travel Offers

When you are looking to book another holiday, it is important that you don’t miss out on all the very best deals. Many companies will email with special offers and let you know when fantastic promotional offers are on the way and this is a great way for you to come across some really fantastic deals. Choose your websites carefully, however, as you don’t want them to clutter up your inbox with information that you are not interested in.



Avoid Extra Baggage

When you are booking your next holiday, a big sting for your bank balance can be the baggage costs of an airline. If you are flying with an airline that charges for a large suitcase, consider whether you will be able to fit what you need in a smaller carry on case. If not, then make sure you pay for any cabin luggage in advance and that you pack light as no one wants to end up with expensive excess chargers for extra weight in their bags or taking on an extra suitcase. We would also recommend that you purchase as light a suitcase as you can find and that if you are going to be bringing back souvenirs make sure you have the space in your luggage to do so.



Look for Cheaper Flights at Different Times of the Day

Did you know that there can be two flights leaving the same airport on the same day, but they can vary in price by up to hundreds of pounds? Usually the reasoning for this is that the cheaper flight will be at a more unsociable time. If this is something that you don’t mind, definitely choose this option as it can really save you a lot of money.


Try implementing these tips to save money on your next holiday and you never know, you may even save up enough to spend on planning your next adventure!