If you and your family have always been fascinated by the rich history, culture, and traditions of Ireland, planning a trip through this island will spark your curiosity and excitement. Many travellers tend to hop from one Irish city to the other, sometimes forgetting that the true beauty of this country is in its people and their roots. If you wish to live an alternative experience in Ireland, you should head here over the captivating period of the year that is Summer Solstice. 

summer solstice ireland

The celebrations – which usually take place on the 20th of June – open the doors to a fascinating past and everlasting Celtic traditions. While today you can join concerts, festivals, and gatherings in any city, town, or village, the meaning of this holiday goes further than that. 

Originally, celebrating the Summer Solstice was a way to welcome the arrival of summer and the good weather. Farmers would pray to pagan gods for fruitful harvests and abundant, healthy crops. The bonfires, a symbol that still stands today, were lit to keep the evil spirits at bay, away from families, homes, and harvests. 

Some Neolithic landmarks, such as Newgrange and the Hill of Tara, become the focal point of the celebrations taking place around the country during the Summer Solstice. If you have decided to visit Ireland during this magical time of the year, don’t miss out on the chance to see and participate in the ancient traditions that still shape the identity of this country. Learn more about this event and the meaning behind it through the infographic below.

Infographic designed by Celtic Cross