Bonjour, Mes Amis! In this post, you can find out all about how to have a wonderfully romantic time in the city of love. All without breaking the bank. Something that many people don’t even realise is possible. To begin your adventure, all you need to do is read on…

Getting to the airport 

First of all, to start off on the right note, you won’t want to be struggling with your cases on the bus or the train as it’s not very glamorous or romantic. That is why instead you should use a Heathrow Taxi to pick you up from home and deposit you off at the airport. Something that may cost you a lot less than you think! 

In fact, some airport taxi firms don’t charge any extra even after 12pm. Something that can really save you a pretty penny if you have an early morning flight. 

Getting an upgrade on the plane 

Next, if you are wanting to woo your other half with your charm, seats in economy class just won’t do. Instead, you should make it a priority to upgrade to first or even business class. Of course, you can try and ‘wing it on the day (if you’ll pardon the pun) and see if any free seats are going in those areas, but the likelihood is that there won’t be. 

Remember you’ll want to sit with your sweetheart too, so that is why it’s well worth trying to get a budget first or business class seat when you book. Luckily, this is possible. In fact, all you need to do is wait until airlines first release their seats for the lowest cost. Alternatively, if you have any Air Miles, you can put this towards the cost of an upgrade too! Don’t worry, your sweetheart doesn’t even need to know. 

Choosing a hotel 

The cheapest accommodation options by far in any city, including Paris, are hostels. However, sharing a room full of bunk beds, with 8 other strangers probably won’t be the most romantic of options. To that end, choosing a hotel that offers a private double room is your best bet. Luckily, there are no shortages these in Paris either. 

In fact, by using a hotel comparison site, you can easily see the cheapest rooms available, and sort by star rating and facilities too. Something that means you can achieve the delicate balance between saving money and staying in decent surrounding for your romantic break. 

Romantic and free activities 

Of course, once you have arrived in Paris, you’ll want to explore. The good thing about this city, in particular, is that there are plenty of activities that are romantic and also totally free. 

Yes, that right talk your love for a walk along the Seine, clip a padlock brought from home to Love Lock Bridge, or even head to Trocadéro Square to take some whimsical pictures of your beloved holding the Eiffel Tower in their hand! Something that will cost you absolutely zero money, but will get you much credit in the amazing partner stakes!