Just as there are many different personalities in the world, keen travellers typically come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, despite having their wanderlust in common, the differences between people who head abroad can be stark, and they can also often be brought back to two loose personality types – the pantsers and the planners.

Most commonly used to refer to different writing approaches, pantsing and planning are opposed approaches to any activity, and travel is no exception. In this article, we consider what travel looks like through the eyes of both, and what your specific personality type could ultimately mean for your travel expeditions overall. 

Pantsers –

  • Go with the flow: During their trips, pantsers who typically don’t think too hard about things ahead of time will most often not be afraid to go with the flow. Whether that means simply seeing where the day takes them or waiting to book a hotel until they find one that feels like a good fit in person depends on the extent of their personalities. However, pantser’s typically thrive best in environments that are devoid of strict plans or any kind of travel itinerary. 
  • Aren’t afraid to take risks: The easy-going nature of most pantsers means that, when it comes to travel, risks can often be the name of the game. From getting stuck in with high-adrenaline activities just because they were passing, to backpacking with no real plans for accommodation or ultimate destination, this allows for more open adventures that can lead to some interesting and typically unexpected discoveries.

Planners –

  • Always book in advance: Most planners will typically have a precise idea of why they want to visit a location, hence why travellers of this personality type will often book up in advance to ensure that they’re able to complete all activities of interest, etc. For most casual planners, this might mean booking up activities for the trip on arrival, while more prepared and determined planners could best benefit from the help of services like a personalised travel concierge to ensure knowledgeable recommendations with their needs in mind, and guaranteed access to the experiences they crave.
  • Stick to a set itinerary: Planners will also typically write out an itinerary before or at the start of their trips, outlining everything from those activity pre-bookings to days set aside for sunbathing and so on. This routine ensures that they’re able to make room for everything, and makes it far more likely that they’ll be able to relax during their trip itself.

What does this mean for your travel?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to personality or travel style. In fact, while pantsers enjoy the unexpected, planners can enjoy activities that might be inaccessible to them otherwise. In this sense, making sure of amazing adventures simply requires you to consider which category you most associate with, and to keep that personality type in mind as you set about getting ready for what’s guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime if you get this right.