Thought it was just an American tradition? Yet to experience it yourself? This was exactly our story until last weekend, where we took our baby pumpkin picking for the first time. Neither of us had ever picked a pumpkin before apart from at the shops, let alone visit a pumpkin patch. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much at all. I assumed we would literally pick a pumpkin we liked the look of and off you went. How I was wrong, somehow we ended up spending most of the day there.

As a child I remember going to fruit farms picking one for the punnet and one for your mouth (oops!). Being able to continue with those memories with as a new family is a great tradition to have created. Taking our baby pumpkin picking!

Now I’m sure at some stage you’ve scrolled through Pinterest looking for inspiration to take cute baby photos for halloween. Whether it’s your baby’s first halloween, or slightly older, they will love it! Once we discovered so many photo opportunities with pumpkins, I knew we would end up finding a local pumpkin patch.

A quick search around our local farms and I had found the perfect place to take our baby pumpkin picking. A huge farm field, as far as you could see, full of orange. Orange pumpkins. Orange pumpkins everywhere! It turns out that there is much more to do than just picking a pumpkin to take home. Hay bales to climb on, a maize maze, craft stalls, donkey rides for the older children and even a giant pumpkin bouncy castle!

Have you considered taking your baby pumpkin picking?

Plan ahead – Make sure to contact your local pumpkin picking farm to find out what activities are planned throughout the day. There may be special events or activities planned on certain weekends, so you may want to plan your visit around those events.

Take your time – Enjoy the moment. Remember there’s no need to rush at all. If it’s your first time taking your baby pumpkin picking, then there’s even more reason to slow down. We couldn’t help but just watch our little boy become mesmerised by all the bright colours of the pumpkins. I’m sure if he had his own way he would still be there now cuddling up to a giant pumpkin! We arrived at our local farm around 11:30 and didn’t leave until 2pm.

Time to dress up – I’m not talking suits and boots, but more keep baby warm. Even though the weather was quite warm for us, we made sure to dress our little one in sensible clothing as we knew we would be outside for a good amount of time.

Pick baby a Pumpkin – Choosing the perfect pumpkin is a fun activity for the whole family, but don’t forget to choose a pumpkin just for your little one. We found hundred of mini pumpkins that we couldn’t help but pick up for ourselves. With so many different types of pumpkin and squashes, we picked enough for a pumpkin photo shoot. If you’re little one is old enough, they can even have the chance to pick out their own special pumpkin.

Take photos – Whether it’s your mobile phone or camera, there’s no better way than to capture the memories of your baby first seeing a pumpkin, let alone a field full of these bright orange objects! There was plenty of parents taking photos of their babies and kids amongst the pumpkin patch.

Say hello – During our visit there was plenty to see and do. Your local farm may also allow you to meet the donkeys and go on a donkey ride. If you have older children, I’m sure they’ll even make new friends whilst picking out and playing through the pumpkins.

Treat time – Make sure you leave room for some tasty treats. Our local farm had a local butchers BBQ ranging from freshly made burgers and hotdogs all the way to pumpkin soup. This is a perfect way to keep warm and fed whilst carving out your pumpkin. Needless to say, I don’t think you could ever go hungry!

Have Fun – Whatever you do, enjoy yourself making new memories!