Get ready for the experience of a lifetime if you’ve not come across Bounce Below at Zip World before! Located in the heart of Snowdonia, Zip World offers a unique range of adventures for thrill seekers, young and old. Most famous for ‘Velocity’ the longest zip line in Europe, and officially the fastest zip line in the world, which has been dubbed as the closest thing to flying.

Bounce Below is exactly as it describes. A super fun (and exhausting!) subterranean playground hidden underground in a 176 year old disused slate mine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns in Bleanau Ffestiniog, North Wales. If you have never heard of anything quite like it, that’s because Bounce Below at Zip World is the first of its kind, in the world! You literally won’t find another place to slide, roll, jump and bounce from net to net, suspended above a cavern twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral. Impressive right? Sounds Scary? Just to assure you… it is!

The Llechwedd slate cavern was originally opened back in 1846 where over 2,900 tons of finished slate was being produced. As the slate mining industry grew, the Ffestiniog Railway was even extended right to the quarry. The demand for slate in the 1960’s saw a steep fall which resulted in Llechwedd turning their attention to sources of revenue, and in 1972 opened the Llechwedd Slate Caverns tourist attraction. Skip forward to today and the site is more popular with tourists than ever with so much to see and do.

Zip World’s Bounce Below has just undergone a massive refurbishment that means much more fun! The Bounce Below experience now offers four huge spiral slides, the height of 2 double decker buses, that take you from one level to another. There are now six new levels of bouncing fun that are hung within two vast cavern chambers, all at different levels, with the highest level being 180ft from the bottom! Each area is linked together with walkways, slides and stairs and at the end of the cavern there’s even a huge spiral for you to try climb up to the top! The cavern walls are lit with technicoloured lights that really do show off this impressive underground slate mine, not that you’ll spend too much time standing still before you’re bounced around.

We loved this unique experience and is a must for anyone looking to putting their fitness to the test, as each session is 60 minutes long. Allowing you to bounce, climb, slide and bounce again!

The best thing is Bounce Below is open all year round, so when the weather isn’t great outside, why not go underground? And lets face it, Wales isn’t known for it’s great weather! We recommend that you prebook before you travel as it is a very popular attraction.


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