One of the amazing bonuses of travelling the world, is that you get to see and experience some absolutely breathtaking places. The only problem that you may be facing, is which one to see next! So, to help you make a decision, we’ve come up with some of the most breathtaking places in the world that we think you should visit in 2019! Check it out:

The Northern Lights

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s truly going to take your breath away, then visiting the Northern Lights should definitely be on your bucket list! Imagine lying under the stars with those closest to you, watching the sky swirl and twinkle away in front of your very eyes – sounds perfect! The great thing about the Northern Lights, is that as long as you’re in Sweden, Finland, or Iceland, you can experience them to their full capacity! Why not buy yourself a tent and spend a few nights under this amazing wonder that the world has to offer?

Himalayan mountains!

Even if you’re not the adventurous type, we think that at some point or another, everybody should visit the Himalayan mountains in their lifetime because the views that you can see are as aforementioned, breathtaking! offer guided private and open tours on the mountains, and can help prepare you for the journey ahead too! As you’re probably already aware, climbing a mountain is no easy feat, so it’s important to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the journey ahead. While it will be hard work, it’s definitely worth it for the stunning views! Just don’t forget to pack your camera so that you can relive your memories over and over again!

New York City!

We don’t like being too general when it comes to recommending places to go around the world, but New York City is most definitely a city that you should explore both inside and out. From tasting some of the best delicacies in the world, to visiting the spot where the twin towers lie, there’s something for everyone in the city that never sleeps. The great thing about NYC is that it’s pretty much impossible for you to get lost as the streets are numbered and in blocks. So why not take an extended trip to New York City and find out why it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations?

The Greek Islands

Finally, if the hustle and bustle of a city like New York isn’t something that tickles your fancy, then why not head to the Greek Islands for a breathtaking, yet relaxing experience. With hundreds of little islands ready to be explored, crystal clear waters, and many alcoves and caves that simply cannot be missed, you’re sure to have a super chilled time, yet bask in the glory of seeing one of the world’s most breathtaking places!