Bringing your travel experience to a personal business project can sometimes be one of the best decisions you have made. We often think of travel as a form of recreation, something we do for ourselves as humans and not professionals. That’s true in a way. But there’s no separation between your ability to act like a human or a professional. You can occupy two roles if you want, and if you do, your travel experience might just help you out.

If you hope to enter a relatively well-paid position when looking for jobs, or you wish to start a business or take yours to the next level, it could be that using that which you’ve learned abroad could be the most appropriate thing to do. On your next travels, you may keep a keener eye out for the potential all around you, and what you might learn from it. With the following tips, we suggest that this could be more than possible:

Customer Behaviors

Not only do you get to see how people behave in certain situations abroad, but you also get to see how the cultural norms can affect things. For example, it might be customary and well accepted for certain customers to pay only after they have sampled a product, or before they are given their order in a restaurant. It can also be well worth considering how people act abroad in the small ways, such as how they do business in areas with more hardship, or how tourists are treated, or what wait times you can expect with certain services. You may see how services like Netverify allows for seamless customer experience, or how certain firms adhere to other specific legislation that must be improved upon.

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette can be an important thing to consider when taking your market abroad, or when wishing to bring certain standards home. You might wish to add an aura of authenticity when doing business with foreign partners. For example, it’s very customary for apologies and punctuality to remain the norm in Japanese business, as they care for how hospitable the business dealing environment is almost more than the crux of the deal itself. This can give you an advantage when dealing with people from all forms of origin.


Demand is essential when running a business. You need and most likely want to know exactly where your product could fit in. A standard idea at home might not be known but needed when abroad, and who’s to say you can’t be the person to bring that over? It might be that you take inspiration from something abroad and bring it back home. The world is filled with complex ideas and different takes on things, and the most creative minds use that as inspiration to fuel their own potential products of brilliance. With a little forethought, you might be onto a winner.

With these tips, you’re sure to brilliantly bring your travel experience to a personal business project.