Traveling can be the heart and soul for some people. Others could take it or leave it. But, I can imagine that most people will have a travel bucket list. Perhaps destinations they would love to see, places they want to experience. Or it could even be to take up a different vacation completely. Whatever it may be, however big, or small, your travel bucket list is something to try and tick off as life goes on. Life’s for living at the end of the day.

In brief a bucket list tends to be a list of places and experiences that you want to do at some point in your life. A lot of people tend to wait and use this list for when they retire, but there are some avid travelers out there who like the idea of trying to use the yearly vacation time and see the world. So I thought I would share with you some vacation ideas that would be perfect to add to a travel bucket list.

The ultimate family vacation

If the family is at the heart of everything you do, then I can imagine this will be something to add to your bucket list. I think the ultimate family vacation screams Disney World. This means staying in one of the themed hotels and hitting the theme parks hard. Kids of all ages can enjoy it but this could be extra special. This could be the last vacation you do as you family unit. Maybe your kids are in their teens and no longer think it’s cool to hang with mom and dad. It could be a fantastic way to claw back some family time before they grow up completely.

Other ideas for amazing family trips can include things like touring holidays. It gives you the chance to enjoy a home from home type holiday while being able to see lots of different places. Similar to a road trip, which we discuss later on in the article. You could tour with a caravan or even something like an RV. This might be good for younger children, so that you don’t have the worry of hotel rooms and a few extra home comforts during your holiday.

A once in a lifetime adventure

Think of the place you want to visit most in the world but wouldn’t ordinarily go. Have you got that place in your mind? That’s your once in a lifetime adventure. It’s the vacation that you wouldn’t normally book. The once that costs that bit too much. But you only live once so you have to aim at least to get there one day. Many people have different ideas for this, so some suggestions would be destinations like Australia. Where you can see some of the amazing cities such as Melbourne or Australia. It might be New Zealand and if you happen to be a fan of the Lord Of The Rings franchise you can visit some of the famous film sets. Maybe it is to walk the Great wall of China or witness the White House in Washington DC. We all have different ideas on what is our ultimate adventure, so why not delve into your mind for some inspiration.

City breaks could be your thing

Maybe you love a city break, and why not? This is the perfect mix of urban fun with sightseeing opportunities and with every country having a capital city, your bucket list could be simply to visit as many as possible. Som suggestions include Istanbul in turkey, where you can enjoy the famous souks and even take advantage of some of the private guided tours of Istanbul that are on offer to tourists. You may want to visit Paris and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It could be London where you finally can pretend you living in Buckingham Palace or even enjoy some of the other fabulous cities the world has to offer like Toronto, New York City or Dubai.

Touring the open road

Have you ever fancied just packing the car up and just going on an adventure. A road trip is a great way to enjoy some fantastic places. To some, this is a real bucket list adventure. Think of the adventures you would have and the places you would see. You could consider traveling to a country and then hiring a car to get from one point to another. Stopping off along the way and taking in some crazy sights and adventures It is the perfect way to tick off a few destinations in one go. A lot of people do this with places like USA. Traveling between different states to see some new locations and places.

A little bit of luxury never hurt anyone

The holiday that oozes luxury. That has to be one to consider for the bucket list right? Heading off to the spa for relaxation treatments. Or sitting by the most beautiful pool with a cocktail in one hand and a book in another. It’s the stuff of dreams. You could consider traveling to an exotic location for the luxurious holiday. Perhaps a visit to The Maldives or Hawaii is top of the luxury list. The ideal destination to travel as a couple, either for your honeymoon or just to rekindle the romance.

Experience a festival while camping

Ever wanted to relive your youth? Or did you just hope you would have experienced a festival or a camping experience before now? Add it to your list of experiences and places to see. There is the fashionable Coachella, or even visiting England for the legendary Glastonbury. All of which will offer experiences you will never forget. Camping can be a lot of fun, and it is the ideal holiday for a couple, friends or a family if you want to attend one of the popular family festivals that are growing in popularity.

I hope this inspires you to think about your travel bucket list and make plans to see some of the beautiful places this planet has to offer.