Sunset over Surf City Huntington Beach Pier
Sunset over Surf City Huntington Beach Pier

California is a massive state on the west coast of the United States. If it were its own country, California would have the sixth-largest economy in the world, beating France and even India.

As a travel destination, people from all different corners of the globe head to the Golden State for sun-kissed getaways on a yearly basis. They tend to head to massive metropolises such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, but many people aren’t aware of the fact that California offers a lot more than just those two glittering cities.

If you want to take advantage of California’s lesser-known charms, there are many places you should consider visiting, such as the following:

Visit Carlsbad in idyllic San Diego County. This is a quaint and laid-back community by the sea. If you want to steer clear of fast-paced action, then this is one of the finest California destination options for you, period. There is a plenitude of interesting and fun things to do and see in Carlsbad as well. If you’re visiting the area with youngsters, you can think about spending a day at a spirited theme park that’s known as Legoland California. This park is chock-full of entertainment for youngsters of all ages. It even features a fascinating aquarium.

Other must-see Carlsbad destinations are South Carlsbad State Beach, the Carlsbad Historical Society Museum and The Flower Fields. It doesn’t matter if you feel like soaking up the sun and walking on soft sands. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn about the region’s rich and intriguing history. You’ll have no shortage of great choices on hand for you in Carlsbad. It’s no surprise that many people consider it to be one of California’s lesser-known wonders.

Palm Springs is a beloved desert destination that’s been enchanting people for decades and decades. It’s a Coachella Valley haven for people who are eager to take it easy for a while. There are many different things to do in Palm Springs as well. Start by taking a tour of the city’s best examples of modern architecture. The iconically angular, big-window ranch home style saw its origins in Palm Springs. Afterward, check out the Palm Springs Air Museum followed by a trip on the Aerial Tramway, a 10-minute ride two-and-a-half miles up to the peak of Mount San Jacinto.

California is a state that offers people plenty of cultural opportunities. If you want to take in culture in California, you should pay a visit to Solvang. This is a Santa Barbara County city that’s known for its strong Danish heritage. If you go to Solvang, you can get an authentic taste of Scandinavia without leaving the United States. It features a Danish village that can be wonderful for people who want to go for leisurely strolls. If you want to check out attractive architecture and nosh on delectable sweets, there aren’t many destinations around that can please you quite like Solvang.

Visits to Solvang can also be a joy for people who are fond of cycling. There are a couple of museums in Solvang. Both of these establishments delve into Danish heritage. Solvang can make an ideal trip spot for people who are looking to get away from it all temporarily in California. It has a peaceful vibe that’s tough to copy. It also makes a wonderful spot for people who are looking for high-quality souvenirs to bring back to family members and pals back home. Its shopping options are plentiful.

We aren’t denying the allure of Los Angeles and the Bay Area when it comes to travel destinations in California. But as wonderful as these world-class cities are, they only represent a small part of this beautiful and awe-inspiring state. California has plenty more to offer those with the eagerness to explore.