There’s nothing more fun than heading out on the road in a campervan with the whole family. Being able to get on the road and plan a trip where you are driving to all the hotspots offers you a sense of freedom and a sense of fun. Whether you are camping out by the beach or heading to the middle of a forest somewhere, you’re going to need to plan this trip properly in advance so you can take advantage of the time away.

There are so many wonderful reasons that people choose to camp and one of them is in the creation of bespoke campervan interiors. Being able to kit out your camper is part of the fun, and when you make it personal you can enjoy it much more than you would otherwise. Below, we’ve got some of the best camping hacks for beginners who haven’t been camping before. 

  • Planning your camps in advance. One of the best hacks you could ever hear is the one where you plan in advance where you are going to set up camp. You can then map your journey between sites and you’ll be driving to each one with clarity of where you’re going. When you plan ahead, you can then make a point of planning how much you’re going to spend on gas and food. Knowing the costs of gas will help you to budget correctly. 
  • Be prepared. Are you planning this trip just through the summer or through the colder months as well? You need to make sure that you’re weather prepared no matter when you travel because you’ll be sorry if you get stuck in a storm in the freezing cold! When you camp through the winter months, you need to consider the fact that you have to be ready for snow and ice, too! Packing more clothes, more batteries for torches and more fire equipment is a good idea.
  • Plan for fun things to do. If you are driving in a camper, you need to pack in some things that will help you all to have fun. Think beach games and scavenger hunts: the lists for the hunts can be planned for in advance, and you can even make sure that you have enough things to hide before you go anywhere!
  • Bring batteries. For the camera, for the van, for the torches – you need batteries on an extended camping trip and you should make sure that you have plenty of them. You will need to also ensure that your phone has spare battery packs to charge from because you’re not always going to find outlets – especially in the forests. 
  • Leave behind your itinerary. It doesn’t matter how long you are going to be away for, you should leave behind your itinerary so that you know you have someone watching out for you as you go. If something was to go wrong, and you don’t check in with someone they can follow up with you and make sure that you’re okay.