Presenting the top 5 Caribbean Cruise Destinations for 2017. Whether you are looking to swim with turtles in Barbados or learn how to Salsa dance at a late night bar in Cuba’s Havana, The Caribbean has something for everyone. Longing for a relaxing holiday or busy planning your next adventure, you’ll discover each place has its own unique flavour that together make this place what we call The Caribbean. If swimming with turtles and stingrays in the Cayman Islands isn’t quite your thing, how about heading to Jamaica for a spot of rum cocktails whilst learning all about the roots of reggae. The more adventurous can find themselves climbing up the staircase of the Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.

By going on a Caribbean cruise you’ll be able to really discover what this stunning region has to offer. With 7,000 islands sweeping across the Caribbean Sea from the Florida Keys all the way to Venezuela. Expect nothing less than beautiful white sand beaches and crystal blue waves.

What countries are in the Caribbean?

Antigua & Bermuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curacao Island, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, U.S Virgin Islands.

Top 5 Caribbean Cruise Destinations for 2017


If you are looking to visit the Cayman Islands, we recommend a stop at Georgetown where all the best bits can be found. Discover all things scuba, snorkelling, Caribbean restaurants and not forgetting Rum bars. A visit isn’t complete without heading one of the best stretches of sand in the Caribbean, as Georgetown is home to a 7 mile beach!


  • Take a catamaran from the harbour at Georgetown and head out to the stingray sandbar, for your chance to swim and even pet the rays.
  • Hop into the Atlantis submarine to view the world underwater. With a ‘fish-eye view’ of Grand Cayman’s marine park. Dive down to a depth of 100 foot, where you’ll discover many underwater creatures. All without getting wet!
  • Relax and enjoy taking a day out at the Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens. There is so much to see with 26 different types of native orchids as well as lakes, woodlands and even butterfly habitats to view.



Renowned as one of the pearls of The Caribbean, St Kitts should be on everyones wish list. From golden sand beaches to sugarcane fields, whether you stick by the shores or delve into the country, you’ll be blown away. If you have the chance, make sure you head across to the neighbouring island of Nevis, which is a popular offshore dive site sheltering sea turtles and stingrays.


  • Hop onto the St Kitts Railway, sit back and relax as you go on a tour of the islands highlights. Don’t forget your camera as you’ll travel over 300ft ravines, head round Mount Liamuiga volcano and even spot the black sand beaches.
  • Head to the 17th century Brimstone Hill Fortress and enjoy views across the sugarcane fields. Originally abandoned in 1850, it has now been restored back to it’s former glory with cannons and swords all on display.
  • Take a rest on one of St Kitts’ beaches. Choose between white sandy beaches such as Turtle Beach, or head to Pump Bay and enjoy the contrast of black sand.



You will Find yourself emersed with 2 different flags at St Maarten, the French and the Dutch. The Dutch capital of St Maarten is Philipsburg, and is a place for those who love to shop. Marigot, however is the French capital, where you’ll find yourself lost between boutiques and bistros. On top of all this, you’ll discover the dreamy Caribbean coves found on travel brochures to beautiful the most beautiful reefs.


  • Make the most of duty free shopping in Phillipsburg. Make sure you bring home something memorable.
  • Headover to the Butterfly Farm in Phillipsburg, home to more than 40 different species as hundreds of butterflies flutter around you.
  • Hop onto the Seaworld Explorer. A boat with it’s own underwater observatory to let you watch sea turtles, stingrays and barracudas swim on by.


The Dominican Republic, a favourite for many and it’s very easy to see why Columbus labelled this place as ‘the fairest land under heaven’. If you are looking for a Caribbean cruise, La Romana is one place not to miss out for 2017. Discover a recreated 16th century Mediterranean village with artists’ workshops full of jewellery made of local amber. Food lover will lust for the Spanish, African and Taino cuisines served here. You can even head to the south to look out for the wrecked ship of pirate William Kidd.


  • Visit Altos de Chavon, a unique artists’ village which gazes down over the gorge of the Chavron River.
  • Looking for humpback whales? Take a journey up to the bewitching Semana Peninsula. They visit during the mating season so you’ve got a good chance of glimpsing these beautiful creatures.
  • Love your swimming / snorkelling? Set sail for Saona Island as it’s one of the top spots in the Dominican Republic.



No Caribbean Cruise is without a visit to Jamaica. The birthplace of Reggae. Montego Bay is a lively coast town with some of the best reggae bars and Caribbean restaurants you’ll find on the island. You won’t be able to resist the rum cocktails and jerk chicken. Oh and the beaches? they are beaches of your dreams.


  • Ghost hunt at the Rose Hall – one of the island’s first plantation houses. Locals believe it to be haunted by its former owner, the White Witch.
  • The Dunn’s River Falls are Jamaica’s number one attraction. As the falls are terraced, you are able to climb your way up them. Safest method is by linking hands of fellow tourists.
  • Don’t forget to visit the The Crocodile Nursery in Montego Bay, worth making a day out of it. Feeding time really shows these creatures off!