Are you preparing to book your next trip away? If so, then there are countless possibilities that could be worth exploring. However, we think that one of the best options is certainly Japan. There are some countries where the experiences that await seem to come straight out of a cookie cutter. However, that’s not the case with this incredible country. Here are just a few of the amazing experiences that we guarantee are almost entirely exclusive to Japan. You won’t find things like this anywhere else, we guarantee it.

Go Karting 

You might have been go-karting before, but we promise, it’s nothing like the experience that you can try for yourself in Japan. If you’re a gamer then you might love Mario Kart. This is a classic game that is available on various Nintendo Devices. Japan is the only place where you can experience Mario Kart in real life. Dress up as your favorite character and jump in your kart. You’ll be able to race with other people in character on real roads. This is an exhilarating and exciting experience that you won’t want to miss out on. 

There’s also Nintendo World. This is great fun too and it has a different karting experience that is based on karting. That’s not the only theme park worth visiting in Japan either, as you’re about to discover

Tokyo Sea

The full name is actually Disney Tokyo Sea but many people find that this doesn’t match the typical mold of Disney theme parks. It’s unique, it’s stunning and it has the flair of creativity that Walt had when he originally conceived the parks. It’s not concerned with marketing an IP. Instead, the idea is to provide people with the most magical experience possible and it certainly delivers here. Indeed, some of the ideas present at Tokyo Sea are now leaking into other Disney Parks around the world. It’s commonly labelled as the best Disney theme park ever built, beating even the original. Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll find it’s not hard to see why this is the case. 

Tokyo Sea is a truly fascinating creation that will bring your dreams to life and delight your inner child. It’s just one more reason why Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world. 


If you want a travel adventure where you can explore the more traditional aspects of the country and learn about Japan, then we certainly recommend that you consider visiting this fascinating location. The sacred and secluded temple town will give you the complete experience of living as a monk. You can even choose to stay in traditional accommodation here which is quite fascinating. You will be able to join in with daily experiences including chants and meditation. Many people who experience this do find some form of enlightenment along the way. 


It’s possible that you want to take a trip exploring the history and past of a country. If so, then we recommend that you do include Hiroshima in your journey. This is a tragic and vital part of Japan’s past that should be remembered. There is a peaceful museum where you can learn about the history that led to this event and remember the various lives that were lost. The city was almost entirely rebuilt and recreated after the events of WWII. Today, it stands as a beautiful monument to the resilience and fortitude of the country as well it’s people. There are also some delightful delicacies to try here as well. 


Finally, you may want to think about booking a trip to Onsen. This will provide you with a traditional Japanese spa experience. This means that you will be naked bathing in a spring that will melt away all your troubles. Do note that this can be overwhelming for you if you only speak English. However, there are places to stay which will ensure that you can get all the advice and help you need such as Morizuya Ryokan. The owners of this hotel are fluent in English and will ease you into the process of exploring this particular location.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key reasons why Japan could be the perfect place for you to visit. If you explore the possibilities here, then you guarantee that you have a fantastic trip and don’t miss out on any of the amazing experiences that are waiting for you here. Whether you love games, want to explore an unforgettable theme park or learn more about an incredible culture, Japan is the place for you.