Wanderlust is of course one of the most fundamental feelings necessary to even consider running a website like ours. You need to fall in love with travel, with people, and with the world in order to take your exploration of it so seriously. You need to care for your experience, wish to do things in the right way, and know why you’re traveling.

You’ve likely developed all those understandings yourself, and we have absolutely zero need to lecture you on them. But as we age, we can slowly start to veer off traveling, and begin to become more stable and based in our normal environment. This might feel comfortable and relaxing, but it’s not always healthy. Over time when we wish to return to our travels, we might feel less confident and interested than we might have done in the past.

But you can never ‘be done’ with the outside world. There’s always something you might enjoy. Never saying never to travel is important as you age, and can keep you the spring chicken you internally feel. With our advice, your wanderlust will never fade even as you age:

Return To Visit Friends Along The Way

The made along the way can be numerous and will likely be larger the more countries you have been to. For those you are still in contact with, a surprise or organized visit can help you connect with them once more, to visit their families, and to enjoy a little taste of the country you loved for a period of your life. When you have this kind of wonderful social connection reaching out to you, and fully possible in the wake of your interest, then you get to experience an amazing side of the country once again. Not only are you just a tourist, but someone who can live the full resident experience with someone to truly show you around as they might have done.

It can be extremely easy to lose contact with people who live in different countries, especially if it has been a number of years since you’ve been back. But if you manage to re-establish contact with those you missed, you never quite know just how many wonderful experiences you can once again secure for yourself. You might be thoroughly surprised.

Take Care Of Yourself

Travel can be tiring, and this effect only grows as we age. This is where working on ourselves can help us hold the youthful enthusiasm we once had and enjoyed. Taking care of yourself matters, especially if heading on long trips. Eating right even in a country known for its indulgent dining can help you remove the lethargy from your overall experience and enjoy something much more grounded throughout the day. It might be that simply switching up your style, getting more in touch with the cultural norms such as dress or cuisine, and making a real effort to learn could give you the kind of soul-nourishing you truly look for when abroad, and could perhaps help you find experiences more authentic than you had in the past. Feeling confident is also important too, no matter if you utilize hair loss medication or rest on the beach for a tan from time to time, we all deserve to feel our best selves as we walk through and explore this earth.

Share Your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge can not only help you introduce someone else to the feeling of wanderlust, but also help you confirm your knowledge personally. For example, taking your of-age children around the US, or Europe, or Asia, can help you come across countries that they might have seen on television but never in person. It can help connect them to those cultures, and when seeing the absolute novel vibrance and fire in their eyes, it’s sure to soak into your skin also.

Settle Those Lifetime Dreams

No matter how well travelled you are, there’s a chance that you have never felt ‘done’. It’s likely you never will, because there’s simply too much Earth for any one person to fully travel. But that’s hardly the worst problem you could ever have. However, if you wish to ensure that you have made the most of travel in your life, be sure to change things up. Settle those lifetime dreams. Have you wanted to walk up the side of the golden harbor bridge with a climbing crew? Have you wanted to eat at a famous restaurant in Japan, or perhaps see the seven wonders of the world? Craft a bucket list, and see just how this purpose could help keep you motivated through and through.

With these tips, you’re sure to enjoy your wanderlust fully as you age.