Afantou is by no means one of the most popular tourist spots in Rhodes, but it has been gaining popularity for the 4km long beach, and the fact that it is in close proximity to Faliraki. The atmosphere is relaxing, and you’ll often feel like you have the beach all to yourself. There are stores, and you’ll be able to take something home as a souvenir or gift for your family if you decide to go shopping. The hand-made carpets are somewhat of a speciality, and the hand decorated ceramics are a joy to look at. If you’re soon to be in Rhodes and thinking of visiting Afantou, then read on.

Who Will You Find In Afantou?

Europeans (including the British) and Germans are most commonly found exploring Afantou, but you may also see Greek and Russian holiday makers in the area. As the people are so friendly, many people choose to return again and again.


When is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Afantou?

November until March is the rainy season in Rhodes, so you’ll probably find it difficult to find flights. April to October is likely the best time to visit, with July and August being the two hottest months of the year in the area.  27°C (80°F) is usually the average temperature on the island.


The Famous Beach

The beaches in Afantou haven’t been overdeveloped like many of the other beaches in Rhodes. They can be very quiet, even in summer, making you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself. The crystal clear blue waters are great for a paddle, and on certain areas of the beach you’ll find sunbeds to lay back and enjoy the sunshine on. Small snack bars and Tavernas can also be found lining certain parts of the beach. There are Blue Flag awards for its cleanliness, making it a great place to go when you want to kick back.


Other Things To Do In Afantou

In Afantou, there are shops which mainly sell local gifts and souvenirs, so you can be sure you take something home for your loved ones. It’s possible rent a car in Afantou if you want to make sure you can explore the whole village, but there are also buses, shuttles, and a miniature train. You’ll find supermarkets if you need to stock up for your self catering holiday or simple grab a snack/drink. Then there’s Afantou Golf Course – it’s fine for you to show up on the day, if you wish.


The Night Life

The night life in Afantou is quiet and relaxed – perfect for those who will just be enjoying a few drinks before heading back to the hotel. There are many reasonably priced bars to choose from, so you shouldn’t end up spending a fortune on drinks and you should be able to grab your drink of choice, whether a traditional beer or a fresh cocktail. Faliraki is just 5km away for those who are looking for something a little more lively.