Preparing for your first family holiday can be daunting to the most bravest of parents no matter how many times you’ve been away yourself. If you’re about to take the kids abroad for the first time it’s definitely pays to be organised and remember it’s all about family life on holiday now. Enjoy it!

Some may say we’re brave or just plain crazy but with a 10 week old baby, we decided to go on our first family holiday. The Destinations? Snowdonia in North Wales, famous for climbs up to the summit of Mount Snowdon, Wales’s highest mountain. Snowdonia National Park is also known for its extensive amount of lakes, craggy peaks and more trails than you can imagine. Our second destination choice? It’s widely known for its ribbon lakes and rugged mountains, located in Cumbria, The Lake District.

As we have previously mentioned, we are looking to prove that just because you have a newborn, there’s no reason why you can’t travel or have holidays exploring like you used to. If anything, having your little one with makes going on holiday much more rewarding being able to see their eyes open to the world in front of them. We’re here to show you just how you can achieve that perfect first family holiday. Stress free, enjoyable and memorable.

Deciding on your destination requires quite a bit of consideration though, so we’ve put together a little first family holiday guide for your ease.

First Family Holiday Tips

1. Location
Now is a good time to visit all those places on your bucket list that aren’t a million miles away. Unless you have a well behaved baby, short haul destinations may be your answer to a stress free family holiday as it means less flight time, which is perfect for your little ones. So much culture and history can be found wherever you decide to go. Why not begin your journey with a hotel in Dubrovnik or take in the sights at Budapest if you’re feeling adventurous. For an easy family holiday, it is worth thinking about staying somewhere to your native language, or a resort where you have everything to hand.

2. Flights
So you’ve found the perfect holiday location and resort. What to do next? Make sure you check out the flight times and availability before booking the accommodation. If you are looking for a stress free family holiday, it may be worth looking at a package deal to save you the stress of booking multiple flights and accommodation separately. With most airports now offering a huge number of destinations throughout Europe and beyond, you won’t have to worry from a lack of choice. It is worth noting the flight times you choose as a 8am flight can easily mean a 3-4am start depending how far away you are from your local airport.

3. Family Fun
This does depend on the age of your little ones, but if old enough you may want to consider the local activities or holiday resorts offer. Your little ones will love wearing themselves out with playgrounds, making new friends as they play. For the older children you may want to consider finding other activities for day trips out. You’ll know what your little ones like and what works best for your family on holiday. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun as a family and enjoy your time away.

4. Equipment
Whilst we all know the dream photos of beautiful swimming pools and stylish villas and resorts may have you incredibly tempted to hammer the ‘book now’ button, make sure you check the list of facilities before you book your first family holiday! Make sure you have access to cot beds / high chairs or anything you can think of you may require during your holiday to keep everything stress free and enjoyable.

5. All the Family
Whether it’s your first family holiday or not, the number one priority is your baby without a doubt. If you planning for a big family holiday that includes grandparents and other family, it is worth considering everyone else’s needs to make it a complete success. This is worth thinking about when deciding on where to stay as a large number of steps isn’t easy for pushchairs or older family members, especially in the heat.

6. Hot Temperatures
As tempting as 36 degrees on a white sandy beach sounds, you will need to consider how hot scorching temperatures can be. The last thing you will want is your children becoming ill and uncomfortable from heat during your family holiday. If you decide to go somewhere hot then make sure you have a vast supply of high SPF sun cream, sun hats and obviously drink well to stay hydrated.

If you’re about to jet off on your first family holiday or simply planning, tell us your recommended family friendly travel destinations.