Before I say anything, take a moment to take in the astounding beauty from the main image taken whilst flying over the south coast of England!

As you may have previously read in part I of our flying story, for my birthday Kate had arranged for me to fly a plane, to which I secretly upgraded to allow her to fly too!

The date was getting closer and quite a few people kept asking if I was nervous yet, being so excited to being able to take controls of a plane kept me sane. On the day at the crack of dawn, we should have left the house.. instead we were a little late and that’s when a mixture of excitement and nervousness kicked in. It’s not every day you wake up knowing you’re going to be flying a plane. So off we headed to Brighton, on what can only be described as the perfect day as far as English weather is concerned 😉


A quick meet and greet with the instructor and a tour around the air hangar at Perry Air and we were shown the plane we would be flying. Taking off from Shoreham Airport, I took hold of the controls straight away doing fly by turns around sites of interest on the way to the Isle of Wight. Having settled in well to flying, successfully being able to maintain altitude, turn, navigate, etc; the instructor showed us some proper manoeuvres you can perform in the plane, showing off what it can really handle (and our stomachs!) Taking in as much as we can through our eyes and cameras (you need some for the album, and you guys!) I was allowed to assist with the landing procedure, which was heart in your mouth moment but I loved the adrenaline pumping the whole way!

After a spot of lunch at the airport, we took off with Kate flying the way back across the golden sandy beaches at a lower altitude to really admire the views. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. We absolutely loved every moment from the breathtaking sights to the sheer terror of being in control over 4500 ft up! – Of course I played it cool, but I couldn’t remember half of the lesson I had just prior to taking off. With the nerves settling after a few minutes, all focus was into enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. The only problem is, what was going to be once in a lifetime moment now has us both hooked.

And this is the start of me wanting to learn to fly and get my own private pilots licence. Before I get too serious I need to think about travelling as it’s not a cheap hobby at all, but it’s only until you are up in the sky yourself you can truly understand the NEED for me to do this. The pictures show off the astounding surroundings but can’t ever compare to the real thing. So future birthdays and Christmases are now easy for everyone as they know what to get me 😉 Joking aside, I will never forget this day and I am so glad I could make Kate apart of it, rather than leaving her on the ground and flying off into the distance.

If you’ve ever been tempted by flying, or never really thought about doing it I’d highly recommend it – you really won’t regret it 🙂