Viva Las Vegas! In 2012 39m people visited Las Vegas and we were two of them 😎 We managed to check this off our bucket list during our road trip around California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah in a rented RV. So let the fun commence, we had just come from Zion National Park so the nightlife, bright lights, and gambling had us buzzing with excitement!

So far we had been travelling around day by day with next to no itinerary, but knowing the places we wanted to check off our list. We arrived in Las Vegas at the start of the night, after battling to drive the 25 ft RV with the strongest side winds known to man (okay maybe it wasnt that strong, but with such a big vehicle we were battling the whole entire time to keep it on the straight and narrow! – eek!) So once we made it we found an RV park just a short walk from Downtown Las Vegas – Woohoo!

After walking around the casinos with our jaws dropped on the floor from amazement of us actually being here, we decided to take advantage of the cheap prices Vegas has on offer. A few Lobsters, pints and steaks later, we hit the district. After walking to the strip (yes we stupidly walked it) we were done for the night, on our way back we were greeted with a passed out homeless guy by the side of the road with the cops driving past not blinking an eyelid. (Are we in the safest area?! we are thinking to ourselves.. is this the usual for Vegas? Do we do anything to help?)

The next day we manage to find a car park $5 for 24 hours right on the strip – hello cheeky!! So we stayed for 3 days there, and in our time we gambled, drank, watched some shows, climbed some statues outside the Luxor hotel, and had the most amazing time. – We loved it! 😀 It’s safe to say, the well-known saying that Vegas is a city that never sleeps.. well it’s true! 3AM is just as busy as it was in the daytime. The atmosphere here is something I’ve never experienced elsewhere.. everything is Go 24/7

We even faced our fears and went on the Big Apple rollercoaster on top of New York New York – 180 degree heartline spiral and a 144 ft drop whilst overlooking the strip! – Okay the video we’ve managed to find doesn’t look that scary, but with Kate’s carefully selected fruitful language to terrify me even further, by the end of it, I actually loved it and wanted to go round again 😀

ALSO – we thought we saw Ozzy Osbourne! The guy had photographers following him, security guards.. even managed to stop him and have a photo – on his camera arghh! On close up we realised he wasn’t the real deal, but with everyone doing a double take on him, it’s clear he was off to have a great night out – probably getting VIP treatment.. now who can I dress up as? 😉

On a whole, we loved Las Vegas – it’s a great place for a break and to chill out by having great fun. There’s an endless list of things to do in Vegas, that I couldn’t be able to list them all. From shooting guns, watching shows to unlimited free drinks in casinos and getting married for $60! (+$5 surcharge on card payments – haha)

We will be back one day, Vegas has not seen the last of us yet and with so much to do, we may be there for a while….