If you’re ever to find yourself in Camden, you’ll instantly be surrounded by an exciting mix of markets, cuisines and music venues. It is the cuisine part that excites me the most. For such an area in London to have such a wide variety where everyone feels welcome is a pleasure for anyone who loves their food. We made it to Gilgamesh, a pan-Asian restaurant for my birthday in the heart of Camden Stables Market. The markets itself are well worth a visit alone, so why not spend the first part of your day venturing around the different worldly wonders for sale before making your way to find something to eat.

With such a mixed variety, I’m usually very excited about Camden’s street food every time we visit. However as it was my birthday we decided to splurge out a little and try something a little fancy as a treat. What better way to celebrate your birthday than eating your weight in food.. especially Asian cuisine – mmm!

The menu has a vast amount of dishes available, and with so much choice, we decided to opt for the tasting menu which gives maximum tasting opportunities. Gilgamesh offers a selection of the finest exotic South East Asian dishes, influenced by Asia, China and Japan. Personally, the extensive Dim Sum selection was my favourite. It’s safe to say we ate like kings…


Gilgamesh Restaurant

If the food doesn’t take your fancy, we’d recommend heading in for a drink just for the incredible decor, which appears to be made from hand carved wood.

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