A staycation sounds like a dream holiday until you realise it’s not exotic enough. You want to travel far and wide, which means going abroad and checking out new countries. At the very least, you need to make sure that your holiday is worth the time off work because you only get 27 days a year.

A staycation doesn’t have to be a last resort, though. Yes, it isn’t a standard holiday yet that’s one of the things that makes it appealing. It’s new and fresh and exciting. Well, it is if you use the following tips to your advantage.

Here’s what to keep in mind…

You Need A Destination

A road trip with no destination is romantic. Everyone loves the idea of turning up to a town or city and falling in love. Of course, this is one for the movies and doesn’t happen in real life. Usually, hot and sweaty passengers jump out of the car to find there is nothing to do and the journey was a waste. A settled plan should stop this from happening. Decide how you’re getting there, what route to take, and the destination. The UK has plenty of beautiful hotspots, some you won’t know about, so use this Admiral post for inspiration.

Forget Hotels

Hotels are remnants of the past. Thanks to Airbnb, there’s no need to pay over the odds for a room that isn’t worth the money. Get online now and search for flats and apartments that are for hire where the entire family can treat it as a holiday home. A tip: don’t rent one where the residents are home; it’ll ruin the experience. On the flip side, there is Glamping UK. Glamping is luxury camping with all the goodies you’d get at home but under the stars, so you’ll love the novelty. And, no one will complain when there are electricity, showers and comfy beds!

Travel Via Food

Just because you’re staying at home this summer doesn’t mean you have to eat boring meals. Food in the UK is influenced by the past when people came here to look for new opportunities. So, there’s everything from Indian and Chinese to Japanese, Korean and Italian and French eats. While researching where to go, don’t forget to check out the best restaurants and book a table for the family. Britain gets a bad rap food-wise, yet there aren’t many countries where you can travel via the food on offer.

Adopt The Holiday Mentality

You try new things on holiday because there is a “try-your-luck-vibe.” Don’t let a staycation get in the way of losing your inhibitions. In fact, you should make a concerted effort to participate in activities, especially ones you’ve never seen or heard of before. Have you ever wanted to blow glass or brew beer? TimeOut can help with the latter thanks to their guide to making your own beer classes.

It doesn’t stop there as you can chase cheese down a hill, keep bees, and go rock climbing pretty much anywhere in the UK. Have you changed your mind about a staycation?