Embarking on your first traveling trip solo is an exciting but daunting time. Going traveling alone allows you to make awesome memories and enrich your lifestyle, but you’ve got to get good and prepared before you take the leap! For those soon to jet off on their adventures, some of these might well come in handy.

1 . Thoroughly Prep Your Docs

Traveling the world requires much more prep than grabbing your passport at the last minute (unfortunately)! You’ll need to get all your documents applied for and backed-up in good time. You’ll want to get a good travel insurance policy, so it’s a great idea to shop around for plenty of quotes. Comparing your options will ensure that you get the full cover that you need. Take copies of your driver’s license because they’ll be required should you end up renting a vehicle on your escapades! While your airline tickets might be on your phone, have some paper copies too (in case your phone gets broken at the worst time)! Print copies of the hotel or hostel confirmation for the same reason. 

Ensure that you get your different visas sorted well in advance. Depending on the country, processes can be different and complicated and you won’t want to make a mistake. For example, if you’re traveling to a country like Oman, you will require a visa now. Fortunately, the process has been made pretty simple with an Oman visa involving an e-visa procedure online. Or, should you be visiting Canada, certain visas will require a medical check in advance. Whichever countries you are visiting, thoroughly research, and complete the visa process with enough time to spare. 

2 . Get a Monzo Card 

When you’re travelling, of course, you don’t want to take all your money in cash. The problem is though, banks will often charge you for taking money out abroad. You also usually get charged when paying by card abroad. With a Monzo card, you don’t get charged for this service, plus you can take out up to £200 in cash a day for free. There are a range of other sweet perks and benefits, so it’s well worth getting yourself a Monzo card before you go. 

3 . Connect On Socials 

Traveling solo doesn’t have to mean being alone; you’re likely going to end up making lots of cool friends. One thing that you can do is to join any expats groups on social media or Meet-up. There will often be expat events that can allow you to meet some like-minded people to travel with. Such events don’t even have to be social media-based, as you’ll likely find many impromptu gatherings due to staying in hostels!

Lastly, ensure that you make a travel itinerary before you go so that you don’t waste any time. It helps to know all the key sights that you want to see so that you can make some awesome plans. When alone, always stay vigilant to keep safe on your travels. Trust your instincts and seek help when you feel that something isn’t right.