Group travel comes with many different benefits. It’s a fun experience where you can grow closer as friends, and it’s also a lot safer than traveling on your own. Realistically, there are only two downsides to think about. One of them is that it can be hard to match a schedule and organize plans when many people are involved. The other is that group travel can often be more expensive. More people tend to mean more money has to be spent. 

Nevertheless, there are ways to tackle that second problem! If you’re smart with your approach, group travel can be just as costly as solo travel. In fact, you might make it cheaper. That sounds crazy to some of you, so let’s dive into the tips to save money when traveling as a group!

Don’t pay for hotels

The absolute best piece of advice is to avoid hotels like the plague. Hotels are never good for groups, and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, you won’t find a room that can hold all of you at once. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for at least two rooms, possibly more depending on how many of you are present. Right away, this ramps the costs up as you’re paying for multiple rooms. Even though the costs are split between each person, this is wildly expensive. Things get even worse when you consider that you won’t use the hotel that often. Most of your time is spent out and about – all of your food is eaten in restaurants or cafes. So, what are you paying for? A bed and some services that you won’t use. 

It’s a massive waste of money, and you’re better off looking for different options. Hostels are a lot cheaper – and you can find ones that fit all of you in the same place. The only downside of this is that you will be with other groups of people in a shared space. So, if you want some privacy, you won’t get it. Instead, consider searching for apartments or houses for rent in the local area. This is far more cost-effective as you split the cost between the group. Then, you get a private space with enough room for everyone to be comfortable. This will take care of (arguably) the biggest expense when you’re away. Finding affordable accommodation is what puts many people off group traveling. But, by avoiding hotels, you will find some very suitable options. 

Look for group discounts on everything

Usually, you will find group discounts for a lot of things on your travels. This relates to everything from train tickets to tourist attractions. Companies are aware that people like traveling in groups – and also that group travel can be expensive. So, to draw you in, they will give group discounts to save money. If you’re going to any tourist attractions or going on a cruise, you will always find discounts that increase depending on how many people are in your group. 

I think train tickets and other transport tickets are really good for discounts. You’ll see lots of subways and local metros offering group tickets. At the very least, you can buy one that’s good for a certain number of people. For example, you might have a group of ten, but they don’t have a ticket that covers you all. Instead, they have a ticket that covers five people, so you can get two of them. It will always work out cheaper than buying all of your tickets individually, so keep an eye out for these deals. 

The only time you’ll struggle to find group discounts is on flights to and from your destination. Airlines are very stingy with their prices and will not give you special offers. The best you could get is a holiday package deal that includes flights and a hotel. However, it’s worth calculating whether this will be cheaper than renting a house/apartment. In most cases, it won’t be, and you don’t get the freedom you do when staying in a hotel as packaged holidays are for a set amount of time. 

Consider renting a car

On the transport topic, it could be better to rent a car or a van for your trip. When you rent a car, the rental company doesn’t consider how many people are in the car. So, one person renting a vehicle will cost the same as a group of five. Obviously, the big difference is that you have five people to split the price between!

As a result, you no longer have to worry about paying for any transport tickets during your stay. You have the freedom to drive around as you please, knowing how much it costs. That’s a big plus; you pay a set amount to rent the car, so you can factor it into your travel budget before you set off. Again, it might be a case of calculating which one is the cheaper option. Try to add up how much train or bus tickets will be, then look at how much it costs to rent a car. Also, this might not work in large groups because you can’t fit everyone in a car!

Pay for your own food

Some groups will pay for food by taking the bill and splitting it equally between everyone. For me, this is the worst way to deal with bills. Instead, pay for everything individually. This way, you only spend as much as you want to spend. There could be cases where you spend half as much as a friend, but you pay the same because the total bill gets split. Pay for your own food, and you will make the entire trip a lot more affordable for yourself.  

As you can see, these ideas aren’t that complicated! They’re easy for you to implement as a group, meaning everyone can make some significant savings. I definitely think that transport and accommodation savings are the best ones to look into. You will definitely save a lot of money if you’re smart about where you stay and how you get around.