Holidays and trips away are very much needed for all of us, not just to help relax and unwind from a busy few months but to become more cultured about other countries and cultures that are not yet known to us. However, these trips cost money, so here’s how to save when booking your next adventure.

Book In Advance Or Very Last Minute

When booking your trip, there are two options that are likely to save you the most money. That is either booking in advance or booking very last minute. Last-minute will have a lot of deals where hotels and travel agencies are trying to reach their quota for the month and therefore offering very cheap holidays. Booking in advance and at the start of the winter months is going to be the best time to get a deal. You might get a better result in terms of the destination and the quality of the room if you book in advance. When there are not many rooms filled so far in advance, you’ll likely have a better option when it comes to upgrading your room, whereas booking last minute will probably limit your choices.

Be Flexible With Dates And Location

It’s always handy if you’re flexible when it comes to dates and the location of where you want to go. The same goes for the departure airport as it may be more cost-effective to go from one airport, rather than another. When it comes to your dates, it’s also good to book off the time in advance, but maybe have a bit of flexibility in regards to the actual dates. The costs can change quite dramatically, especially between the start and end of the month. Locations can vary in popularity throughout the year and so if you’re not fussed on where you go, you can probably save yourself a significant amount of money.

Be Cheeky And Ask For Discounts

When visiting a travel agent, it’s always cheeky to ask for discounts or a reduction off the price. Like many sales transactions, there’s often going to be a bit of wiggle room in terms of what they can offer. Usually, travel agents make a commission depending on the company, and so they obviously want to make the most money they possibly can. However, they’d rather get the sale than to miss out on it completely, so be cheeky and ask for any special discounts that they may be able to offer.

DIY Your Own Break

A package holiday that includes travel, transfers, accommodation and food can sometimes be the easiest of options, however, that doesn’t always mean it’s the cheapest. It might be worth it to DIY your own break by book flights separately and accommodation and any transfers on their own. There are useful sites like Skyscanner that can be great to track the cheapest flights available at the times you’re after. DIY’ing your own break can actually be a lot of fun too.

Use these tips and see how much you can save on your next trip away!