These days, we all want to head overseas as soon as the word holiday is mentioned. However, sometimes, it can be just as fun to stay at home. Well, not quite at home – but close to it. Recently, staycations have been on the rise. So whether you head to London or the countryside, or somewhere in between, here’s how to plan your own staycation.

Invest In The Best

First of all, one of the most luxurious parts about doing a staycation is that you get to relax. So it’s always fun to stay somewhere a bit fancy. No matter where you’re going, look for accommodation that is going to truly add to the experience and make you feel spoilt.

Try New Things

There’s just something about being away from home and the norm of everyday life that makes you want to try new things. So why not make this a bit of a motto? On your staycation, why not eat at different restaurants and try new food? Or at least try to step out of your comfort zone in some way.

Create An Exciting Agenda

Now, for some people, getting away and ‘doing nothing’ is the ideal. But, if you’re heading to an exciting location, you might actually want to get out and do a lot of things. This is often the case in cities. From sight seeing to going to the theatre, try to find out what you want to do. You can even use the below infographic to help you decide on a show. And then, pull together an itinerary of fun.

Infographic Design By theatre tickets