It’s all about the destination when travelling abroad, but before all of that, you need to go through the always-stressful experience of getting to the airport. If you aren’t fully prepared for this, you risk getting your holiday off on the wrong foot. Even experienced travellers can still struggle with stress in the 12 hours before they fly, so consider these ideas to take the stress out of getting to the airport. 

Charge Your Devices Overnight 

Although almost everyone has a power bank now, you should still charge all of your devices the night before you go anywhere, even if you feel you’ll have time to charge it in full before you fly. You never know what could happen the day of the flight, so having a fully charged phone will save a lot of hassle, especially if it contains your flight information. It isn’t just your phone, though. Charging your tablet or portable console will keep the kids entertained, and charging your headphones can cut out the rabble for when you finally get to close your eyes. 

Research The Best Deals 

Driving to the airport is one of the most stressful parts of getting there, and if you’re not fully prepared, you risk being delayed and missing your flight. Because of this, it’s important to research the best deals, especially ones that ensure you avoid the broker and book direct with a company to get you to the airport. It’s even better if they offer a return service, but this can all depend on the airport you fly back into and whether there are any issues before your return flight. 

Get Everyone In The Same Place 

If you’re travelling in a large group, you can make everything easier by getting everybody in the same place. This could include booking a hotel or hostel close to the airport the day before your flight, or you can have everyone get to the same house beforehand if the flight isn’t until the afternoon or evening. Travelling together will save anyone from getting lost or left behind and it gives you the chance to start the holiday a little earlier.  

Don’t Put Off Packing

Yes, packing is dull, packing is stressful, and packing is perhaps the least enjoyable part of the whole experience. But, packing is also essential. Some people will look at you funny if you tell them you started packing a week before leaving, but it’s always best to be prepared. If you don’t usually enjoy the process, these packing tips and tricks can make things more manageable, and you can also guarantee that you’ll not leave anything behind, such as your sunglasses, wallet, or even spare pairs of underwear (which has happened more often than some would like to admit).

Give Yourself More Time 

Depending on your destination, the airport will require you to check-in up to three hours before the flight departs, even if the flight is delayed. Three hours sounds like a lot of time to spend at any airport, especially smaller airports that don’t boast the wealth of amenities of international ones. Even if you’ve gotten away with arriving just before the check-in desk closes, you should still make sure you give yourself more time than you think you need. The airport may be an hour away, but you should account for traffic or someone forgetting something that requires you to make a quick stop at the services along the road. While the extra time at the airport is boring, it will also put you at ease. 

Eat Something 

With all the excitement of getting ready for your holiday, you may forget to eat something. Sure, you can purchase food at the airport, but this will either be extortionately expensive or the restaurants might be closed (which can happen if you fly late at night). Because of this, it’s important that you eat something before your flight, especially if the flight is longer than three or four hours. If you want to ensure comfort during your flight, think about what to eat before flying. The right food keeps your stomach from feeling funny, so avoid sugary foods to help you sleep and prevent dehydration, as the airline is unlikely to give you sufficient water.

Start Your Holiday the Right Way

Pre-holiday travel is stressful for everyone involved. The kids are loud, you are worried about delayed flights or traffic, and you just want to get there. When combined, these are a recipe for disaster, so you must do all you can to make the pre-flight experience as stress-free as possible.