Got lots of places on your travel bucket list that you’d like to tick off? Rather than devoting a single holiday to one destination, why not try combining multiple destinations into one trip? This can help to add variety to your travels. Here are just several ways to cram multiple countries into one trip.

Stay on the border

Staying on the border of two countries can give you the option to travel between the two. For example you could stay in Northern Italy and hop over the border into Switzerland, or you could stay in Strasbourg in France and hop over the border into Germany. You should always research the procedure when crossing the border – for a daytrip you may not need a visa, however some countries around the world may insist that you apply for one.

Take a cruise

A cruise can be a great way to visit multiple countries in one trip. The advantage of a cruise is that you only have to unpack once and you can return to the same room each night, making it one of the most convenient multi-country options. Cruises come in all different shapes and forms – there are river cruises that allow you to go in-land and there are cruise and stay options that allow you to spend some time on land in a hotel. Whilst not the cheapest option, cruises do offer the most luxury and can take out the stress of travelling.

Go on a roadtrip

A roadtrip allows you to completely tailor your route. Roadtrips around Europe are a popular option allow you to explore multiple countries. Driving from country to country does involve understanding the road laws of each country – some countries may require applying for a vignette in order to use highways, whilst others may involve applying for a separate license (these countries are best avoided). On top of this there are laws to consider such as which side of the road to drive on and whether to keep your headlights on at all time (in many Eastern European countries this is a requirement). The risk of traffic and other delays means that roadtrips are also not suitable for those on a tight time schedule – ideally you want to the freedom to explore at your own pace.

Try interrailing

Interrailing is a common way to explore multiple countries around Europe – all you need is an Interrail pass and you can start taking trains across the continent. This mode of travel gives you a certain flexibility when planning your route – so long as there’s a train station, you can go there. The only condition is that you have to carry all your belongings around with you as you don’t have cruise liner cabin or a car boot to keep them in. This is therefore best suited for those willing to travel a little rough and ready.

Take a coach trip

There are certain networks of coaches that travel across countries. Organised coach tours can take you on a set route around countries – these may even include hotels and activities booked for you along the way, taking the stress out of having to organise your own accommodation and activities. For those that want more freedom to choose their route, you can always hop on and off different coaches to get to your destination (much like interrailing but with coaches instead). Coaches can sometimes be cheaper and more comfortable than trains, although the time spent travelling tends to be longer.

Take advantage of short flight deals

Flying from country to country can be expensive – especially if you’re packing in lots of long haul flights. If you’re only taking short flights between destinations, you may be able to take advantage of last minute deals which can often be fairly cheap. There are flight comparison sites that can help you locate the cheapest last minute flights. Of course, once you’ve got out of the airport you’ve then got to look into further transport such as coaches, trains or taxis if you don’t want to be restricted to exploring the area around the airport.