Have you ever sat on a park bench and listened to a conversation in a foreign country wishing you knew how to communicate with them? If you have thought or attempted to learn a language whilst travelling then you’ll be glad to know you’re not alone! With a staggering number of 6912 living languages in the world, I don’t think many expect to learn more than one language in their lifetime.

For those who are multilingual, I am truly in awe to you. When I was growing up in school, I was taught both French and Spanish and nowadays I struggle hard to remember the phrases learnt – mainly because I never exercise those languages in my every day to day life. This is exactly what put the drive into me that makes me want to live in a country and dive right in, into a world of unknown, travelling at it’s best and lost in a voice of unsurety.

The major plus of speaking English has a massive plus when travelling as even the most obscure countries seem to all want to learn our language. Not only does this mean travelling can be a little less daunting for the first timers, but when you aren’t quite sure how to speak in their native language, you have a handy back up you may get away with. This however doesn’t mean you should speak English everywhere you go, instead try to learn a language of your destination, even a few phrases will put a smile on the local’s faces as they will know you are trying.

With the subject of languages, we wanted to share an infographic with you to help you learn a language or two by starting with Hello!

learn a language

Do you speak more than one language? Have you tried to learn? Or simply now inspired to give it a go.. let us know in the comments below