Lisbon in Portugal is one of the world’s oldest cities. It is rich in culture and history and it is no surprise that many people choose to travel there every day. The sunny climate and the amazing food on offer makes Lisbon the perfect location for a city break. If you’d like to know more about why you should choose Lisbon for your next city break, keep reading!

The Food

If you consider yourself a foodie, then you’ll love the amazing Portuguese dishes that Lisbon has to offer. This coastal city has a huge selection of seafood that is sure to rival any other Portuguese dishes that you have ever tried. Choose from some great flavoured prawns, clams and even their famous Piri Piri chicken. These dishes are full of flavour and you’ll enjoy every second of them.

Where You Can Stay

The wide range of hotels and villas in Lisbon are beautiful and will make you feel extremely comfortable for the duration of your stay. You’ll love the welcoming atmosphere that the Portuguese people provide, and you’ll be sure to have a great stay. If you like what you see during your city break, why not consider studying in this rich city. If this appeals to you, make sure to view this range of accommodation from Collegiate that is available to rent. Their luxury Lisbon accommodation is ideal for those who don’t want to live on campus and offers both privacy and class.

The History

City breaks are the perfect opportunity to pop over to a country and experience all you can in a few days. Although you might enjoy sitting in the sun, you should take some time to explore the sights of Lisbon and the history that surrounds this very old city. Make sure to visit the district of Alfama if you’d like to experience one of the most historic locations that this city has to offer you.


The Nightlife

If you’d like to experience some of the local nightlife on your city break, Lisbon has lots to offer you. You should make sure to visit the district of Barrio Alto which has over 250 bars and clubs for you to choose from. This area is the hangout for many of the celebs who like to visit Lisbon so don’t miss out checking out Lux or Lust. You’ll love partying the night away and watching the sun rise in this beautiful place.


The Beaches

Our final reason why you should visit Lisbon is the beaches that it offers. The ‘sunshine capital’ gets over 3000 hours of sunlight per year so visiting a beach and taking advantage of this is a must! The beaches border the Atlantic Ocean, so you’ll be able to enjoy a nice refreshing swim. There are so many different sandy beaches for you to choose from and you are sure to find one that will impress your friends at home when you show them your holiday pictures!

Lisbon is a city that is rich in history and culture so make sure to choose it as your next city break location!