There are plenty of means of transport for travel to places near and far. Buses, coaches, cars, planes, ships, you name it. But for today, let’s focus on trains. Now, people tend to associate trains with short distance travel, as many will use local train services to commute in and out of work on a regular basis. But you really can get far on trains. Whether that’s to the other side of the country or even from one country to another (just think of the Eurostar, which stops between England and France). Now, trains can be a great form of transport for travelling families. Why? Well, you’re not going to have to full focus on the roads ahead at all times. Instead, someone else is doing the driving for you, which means you can focus more on your kids and helping them keep occupied and content while getting from A to B. You also get the chance to take in some pretty stunning scenery from time to time, that you might not get to experience if you were to travel in other ways. Now, to make any train journeys as positive as possible, here are a few steps that can help to simplify things and make the trip go smoothly.

Make Travelling by Train as Simple as Possible

Be Early

Nobody likes running for trains. Especially when you have kids in tow. Instead, arrive at your designated station well in advance of the train’s scheduled departure time. You should also head down to the platform in advance too.

Book Advance Tickets

Rather than buying your tickets at the station, book in advance. It’s also a good idea to book digital tickets which can be downloaded to your phone. This reduces your chances of losing them and saves you having to dig around your bag to find them if the ticket inspector comes.

Book Seats

Another thing you can do to make your journey pleasant in advance is to book your seats. You don’t want to find yourself standing on a busy train with kids. Finding large several seats together can be difficult. But booking in advance can secure them for you.

Invest in Luggage Storage

Going to be catching a train, but have time to explore the local area during the day? Why not invest in luggage storage, which will give you a safe place to securely leave your belongings so you can head out and explore. It’ll quite literally be a weight from your shoulders and can help you to access tourist locations that may not permit suitcases or other large luggage.

 Prepare Your Own Food

Where possible, bring your own food if it’s going to be a long train journey. The trolleys and shops on trains tend to be extortionate, especially when you have multiple mouths to feed. Packing sandwiches and other snacks can save you a lot of money.

These are just a few suggestions that will make family travel by train a lot more straightforward and enjoyable for everyone involved!