France is an astonishing landscape. You have typical Western European weather in the most known cities like Paris, Lyon and Nantes. However the French Alps and various mountainous parts of the country, bring you Scandanvian-like weather. However the strange thing is that much of France’s snow inhabited areas are in the South of France. The South of France has been recognised by many for being a lost member of the Mediterranean family. It’s incredibly hot down south, the waters are warm and turquoise blue. When you picture South of France you imagine people sunbathing in their villa gardens. And yet here is where Meribel is situated. One of the best resorts in the entire country and it’s almost hidden away. In fact it’s even more towards the south end of the nation than the Alps. so why would you want to come here?

The vast white 

Meribel has a gigantic 150 kilometre skiing area with pistes ranging up to 1450 metres to 1750 metres. This means that you have a vast open space where you can go as fast as you want. It’s a fantastic place to learn for beginners too because unlike the French Alps, the mountains and hills are not as steep. You will find some tricky routes but for the most part it’s a beginner and intermediate friendly ski zone. The area has also been properly managed with trees clearly off to one side. This makes the pistes easy to navigate and your chance of serious injury are very low. The ski lift gets you to where you want to go, in all directions to explore the vast open snowy plains.

Comfort taken seriously

The French are known for their ski resorts, but so are the Swiss. In fact all the mountains where the best snow is, is exactly where the Switzerland border pretty much meets France. Therefore that has been a long contest of who can provide the best accommodation to guests between the two tourism industries. Chalet neve has one of the best views in the entire resort. It also caters for a British holiday goer with UK satellite TV, pricing in British Pound Sterling, high speed internet access, online reservations accepted and can sleep up to 14 people. Inside you’ll find classic chalet decor with bright wooden walls, red and white colour scheme and plenty of soft yellow light.