Are you in search of the Northern Lights? Whether you have experienced them or not, going hunting for them by boat has to be one of the coolest ways you can imagine and is actually better than you’d think.

We were lucky enough to have been invited to a northern lights boat tour whilst staying in Iceland and is definitely an amazing experience. Sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavik at night is cool enough, but to go out in search of the northern lights by boat and watch the northern lights dance above the North Atlantic ocean is something you won’t forget in a hurry. It truly is a remarkable sight to witness and is something we were lucky to experience on the northern lights boat tour earlier this year.

Once you are onboard the boat, you are welcomed to put on thick windproof overalls over your clothes to keep nice and snug during the northern lights boat tour. Up on the top deck you will hear some Icelandic stories of the past where you are able to stand or sit to soak up the views. It so happened to become a snow blizzard at the marina in Reykjavik, but as soon as we started to leave the coast, we managed to leave the snow behind, leaving us to concentrate on searching for the famous Auroras.

One of the best things about the northern lights boat tour is the fact you don’t even have to go very far out at sea to leave the light pollution of the city behind. Being able to gaze up into the sky in darkness allows you to really appreciate the bright starry sky. Unfortunately for us, we had a little cloud cover, but the captain assured us at around 10:47pm there would be an opening in the cloud for us all to see the ‘light show’.

A piece of advice is to use this aurora forecast from the Icelandic Meteorology office to discover the Northern Lights activity level and the cloud forecast for the whole country. This is ideal to roughly work out how strong the lights will be for your boat trip and when they may become visible.

Throughout the tour on the lower deck you will find a very informative video all about the Northern Lights, full of facts on how the lights are formed and more.

As the northern light boat trip continued through the night, we were lucky enough for the cloud cover to clear and the light show began.. WOW! We had the luck of a lifetime being able to see the lights on our first night, but being out on the boat enabled us to see the Auroras dance across the sky from one side to the other. It was only then everyone turned to complete silence as we all witnessed something truly spectacular. At that point we were all captivated by the northern lights above us. Instant smiles from everyone!

Our Northern Lights Boat Tour Highlight:

One fantastic part of the northern lights boat trip is that if you aren’t successful to view the lights due to unfavourable weather conditions, you can exchange your ticket for a voucher to come back the next day to try again. Failing that, you can also exchange for a whale watching tour run by the same company, a meal at one of the most popular restaurants in Reykjavik or a full refund.. so you really can’t complain about their level of service to you!

We had a fantastic time and would throughly recommend it to anyone interested in searching for the northern lights with a slight different approach.

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**PLEASE NOTE – we received a complimentary Northern Light Boat Tour courtesy of Iceland Travel / Special Tours, but rest assure all opinions are honest and our own**