If you find yourself in Oxfordshire on a sunny day, what better way to find your bearings for the local area by hopping onto an Oxford river cruise. As the weather was kind, we decided to take our little one out for his first boat ride and trip to Oxford. What better way to forget the stresses of the world than to peacefully float along the river Thames, in the heart of Oxford. We managed to book a boat cruise on a small craft, with a maximum of 12 passengers, so you can see everything clearly and easily. We recommend doing the same, as the larger boats you may see on the river feel a little too big and out-of-place. Cue a 12 point turn cruise boat that cannot turn around easily blocking the river traffic…

No matter what length of cruise you opt for, you won’t run out of things to see along this fascinating stretch of river. You’ll be able to see a whole host of rowing eights, university boats, punts and river barges that give this river a great lively display as you head down one of the busiest and most vibrant stretches of the Thames. Locally, this stretch is known as The Isis. Now it sounds like a very busy river, but it is very tranquil as there is very little noise made by anyone on the river. Before you know it you’ll have taken in the beauty of many sights along the way from heading under the ancient Folly bridge, cruising past Christchurch college and meadows to viewing the university rowing houses just before you reach the quaint village of Iffley.

Oxford River Cruise

Some things worth noting that we had found out, the surrounding local area had inspired some of Oxford’s best-loved authors. Lewis Carroll, who composed ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ followed an identical route our Oxford river cruise took. These sights are actually found off the tourist trail but provide the most beautiful scenery and story telling. Great for not just adults but the little ones who have read the books. The cruise continues where you will find yourself approaching Godstow, where C.S Lewis took inspiration for stories of ‘The land of Narnia’. With so much to see along this trip, and the inspiration it has given Oxford’s best authors, we’d recommend giving it a go and making it a story for yourself.

“Worthy trip for anyone wanting to relax and take in some great scenery”

We loved the day river cruise at Oxford and feel that it was comfortably enjoyable even with a 7 week baby (who slept mostly the whole way round!). Whether you are taking this trip solo, as a couple or a family, you’ll have a great time taking in the views whilst gaining an intimate insight into the history and cultures.

Whether you are looking to gaze at colours of the Seine in the heart of Normandy, journey along the Nile, immerse yourself in between castles and cathedrals in Germany, or simply enjoy some winter sun, you are certain to see the world differently. Having been on many river cruises in the past, we find it to be one of the best ways to explore an area, from a view you may have never seen otherwise.