17 May 2021

Category: Stories


The Modern Travel Blogger 

Infographics are a great way to display information and we’ve found a great one to start off with… Sandymount Hotel presents an infographic look at the modern travel blogger. We’ll look at their average age, most popular destinations, technology, income, use of online platforms and…


The Ultimate Bucket List 

I am sure everyone’s familiar with the term ‘bucket list’ where a person hopes to accomplish¬†a number of experiences or achievements during their lifetime. When planning our round the world trip, we thought long and hard about what we really wanted to see and do,…


Kate in Jamaica 

For such a small island, Jamaica has had a massive influence on the world. This legendary nation, which celebrates 50 years of independence in 2012, evokes passion and affection even in those who have never visited, and brings a dreamy look to the faces of…


Kate in Thailand 

The cultural and commercial centre of Thailand, Bangkok is steeped in tradition and yet thoroughly modern. A bustling metropolis with soaring skyscrapers and a state-of-the-art airport, it is also home to colourful temples and mesmerising royal palaces. There is plenty to see and do in…


Travel destinations visited 

When it comes to travel destinations, both myself and Kate have been to quite a few over the years; both together and family holidays. Growing up I’ve learnt a lot about travelling from having caravanning holidays throughout the UK, now this may sound like posh…