If you’re planning a family holiday, it’s easy to get roped into the routine of just heading away on a beach holiday. There are plenty of perks that come with this. You can head somewhere hot and sunny. You can book a family friendly hotel or resort where your little ones can be around others their own age and won’t be bothering older couples or younger couples. The little ones can splash about in the pool or make sandcastles. You’ll generally go all inclusive which means no cooking, washing up or cleaning for the whole time you’re away. It will give you a good chance to create some memories and let your hair down. But you don’t have to opt for this every single year. Instead, why not consider something a little different for once? A family camping trip could prove to be the perfect getaway for you and your little ones. So why not give it a try? Here are a few basics you should focus on to get started!

Consider a Location

Location can prove make or break for your trip. Sure, as adults, you could have a great time right out in the wilderness. But when travelling as a family, you may want to stick somewhere a little safer and in a more controlled environment with a few more home comforts. Consider family campsites that will have amenities like working toilets, showers and electric ports to charge up phones, kids gaming devices and more.

Camper Vans

Another great option is camper vans. These not only provide you with a mode of transport to your destination, but it gives you all somewhere to stay too. Larger vans, again, have amenities that will make your trip more hygienic and a little nicer. Whether you buy a van (and intend to go camping each year to get use out of it) or hire one, make sure that it has a toilet, a shower of some sort and Camp Kitchens that will allow you to prepare meals. Comfortable bedding is another perk to look out for in them!

Things to Do

When you do head away on a camping trip there are plenty of things to do as a family. You can camp near beaches, incorporating a beach holiday element into your trip. You can camp near tourist attractions. You can camp near hike trails and forests where you and your kids can safely explore.


If you do go for a more wilderness based trip, it’s essential that it’s in a safe location without threatening wildlife and that your kids are age-appropriate to be exploring the outdoors with you. You should also teach everyone basic health and safety tips, such as not to eat fruit or berries from trees, not to drink water from puddles or lakes and not to go into streams or other water sources barefoot (there could be sharp rocks or fishing hooks).

As you can see, a camping trip can be a lot of fun for your family and is easily arranged. Hopefully, the above advice has given you some insight and good advice!